Dividing discourse in Algeria: Chanegriha warns

Hate and divisive discourse has come back in force lately on social networks in Algeria, especially after the case of the imam of M’chedallah in the wilaya of Bouira.

A phenomenon that carries dangers for the unit and national cohesion and which did not escape the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP).

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On a visit this Wednesday, April 20 to the headquarters of the National Gendarmerie, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha spoke of a phenomenon that has taken “worrying proportions” and a “serious question”, which “threatens social peace”.

The Army Corps General first noted that social networks and the television landscape are “blindly part of the logic of media uproar and alarmism about negative social phenomena or isolated acts”, giving rise to this subject “sterile polemics and one-upmanship, likely to irritate public opinion, to provoke dissension and paradoxes in the components of society”.

For Saïd Chanegriha, this is a “serious question, which threatens social peace and public order” in Algeria. Moreover, he accuses, it is part, “without a doubt”, “in the extension of the conspiracies, which are brewing against our country”, and which “aim to sow discord, to obstruct development , to distract the people, even to divide it and cause its implosion, to make, thus, easier its infiltration, its domestication and its control”.

“A serious matter”

The Chief of Staff of the ANP backed up his remarks by mentioning, quoting cyberspace experts, “the existence of artificial intelligence applications and software, developed on the basis of very advanced studies, on the psychology and mentality of the targeted peoples. Their objective is to manipulate public opinion, by disseminating everything that can create division and discord between its components, on the one hand, and by carrying out an intentional blackout on everything that is positive and everything that creates consensus. and unites this society.

The danger is therefore serious and Saïd Chanegriha appeals to everyone (state clerks, members of civil society, notables, opinion leaders, elites, imams and men of religion), to whom it is up “to mobilize and to make young people aware of these phenomena, which must be treated with the utmost seriousness, and to work in a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, to nip them in the bud, with a view to avoiding fitna for our country “.

A call for vigilance is also launched to all Algerians to block the plans of the “conspirators” who are trying to “transform the main elements of unity and cohesion between the components of our people into sources of trouble and discord”.

“Do we not say that the peoples who lose their faith in their civilizational role, necessarily lose their will to defend their entity and therefore renounce any victory! “, concluded the chief of staff of the army.

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Dividing discourse in Algeria: Chanegriha warns

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