Docaposte announces the creation of a data and artificial intelligence center

Docaposte, digital subsidiary of the La Poste group, aims to become the French benchmark for digital trust solutions. To this end, it announced, at the beginning of March, the creation of a center specializing in data and AI which brings together the know-how of its teams and those of two other structures of the La Poste group: Probayes and Openvalue. In total, 400 experts in AI and data processing will work under the direction of Guillaume Leboucher, founder and CEO of Openvalue, in this pole, one of the 5 main players in the sector in France.


Created in 2014, Openvalue employs 120 consultants specializing in data and artificial intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision). Since 2019, the company has diversified its offer with the creation of a Studio division dedicated to UX Design, application development and data visualization. In 2021, Openvalue joined the La Poste group and since January 2022 has integrated the data & IA division of Docaposte, whose coordination is ensured by Guillaume Leboucher, its founder and CEO.


Acquired by the La Poste group in 2016, Probayes has been developing tailor-made artificial intelligence solutions since 2003 in collaboration with customer business teams. A team of data scientists is dedicated to each expertise, machine learning, deep learningcomputer vision, natural language processing, operations research and combinatorial optimization.

Acquired in 2019 by Docaposte, Softeam has more than 200 data and AI experts specialized in the fields of data governance, business intelligence (data analytics), big data, the implementation of RPA solutions (robotic process automation) and performance management. Its acquisition has enabled Docaposte to strengthen its presence in the data and AI businesses.

Docaposte, a major player in data and AI

Docaposte is consolidating its expertise in data and AI at the service of its BtoB (companies and public sector organizations) and BtoBtoC customers by creating this center which brings together the know-how of its teams with those of Openvalue and Probayes. Docaposte thus intends to promote the pooling of the experience of the 400 experts for complex and multi-sectoral projects integrating machine-learning, of deep learningnatural language recognition or computer vision.

La Poste now has one of the most complete offers on the market across the entire value chain of data and AI projects: design and architecture of the global solution, transformation of data to adapt them to algorithms AI and creation of user interfaces.

This data and AI center is placed under the coordination of Guillaume Leboucher, appointed to the
Docaposte executive committee. This appointment positions data and AI at the heart of
the transformation of Docaposte and its offer of digital trust services in a sovereign, ethical and responsible approach.

Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docaposte, points out:

“The creation of the data & artificial intelligence division and the appointment of Guillaume Leboucher to the executive committee of Docaposte respond to our strategy of consolidating our position as the French reference in digital trust solutions. Thanks to this expertise in ethical and responsible AI, we will be able to offer our customers innovative and sovereign solutions in line with the values ​​of La Poste.”

Guillaume Leboucher adds:

“The combination of our teams’ know-how creates one of the major players in data and AI in France. The complementarity of values ​​and the synergy of expertise of the teams of Docaposte, Probayes and Openvalue will be used to ensure the success of our clients’ AI projects. »

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Docaposte announces the creation of a data and artificial intelligence center

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