Doctor Chokri Jeribi: “The medical technology sector has enormous potential”

Nowadays, advances in the field of medical technologies contribute positively to the improvement of medical care and the management of several diseases. These technologies have become just as essential in the medical sector

A seminar on medical devices and medical technologies was organized in Tunis, on October 27 and 28, by the company Connect’Innov.

The objective of this seminar which brought together all the actors of the public and private sectors, of the field of HealthTec was to take stock of the state of play of this sector in Tunisia and to propose recommendations in order to revitalize the ecosystem. in the field of “Med Tech” and medical devices.

The seminar was preceded by a certifying training day on the quality standards of medical devices entitled “quality management according to ISO 13485: 2016.

On the sidelines of this seminar, we interviewed Dr Chokri Jeribi, President of the scientific committee of this seminar.

Why this seminar on medical technologies and medical devices, at the moment, in Tunisia?

The sector of medical technologies, artificial intelligence, medical devices and other digital solutions has been experiencing a spectacular evolution for decades. A trend that has significantly accelerated with the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has confirmed the importance of mastering innovation in the field of health.

As a result, it was urgent to take stock of our country’s position in relation to this sector and in relation to this global dynamic.

Connect’ Innov, a 100% HealthTech Tunisian support structure, had the merit of thinking of organizing a national seminar on this subject.

In this context, when I was approached by the organizers, I did not hesitate to accept the proposal made to me to chair the scientific committee of the seminar.

Thus, the seminar set itself the objective of taking stock of the medical technologies and medical devices sector in Tunisia by involving all the stakeholders and exploring the gray areas and especially the axes of development of this sector in our country.

A rich and diversified scientific program involving national and international experts has been selected for this seminar.

The scientific committee has, among other things, a mission to ensure the follow-up and to publish a white paper which will be submitted to the decision-makers, within a maximum period of 6 weeks.

After two days of work, what was the diagnosis of the situation of this sector in our country?

The sector has enormous potential in this field, rich above all in its human, qualified and creative resources and in the performance of start-ups operating in this field (11% of all start-ups in Tunisia work in the field). of e-Health). University research is also well developed in this area.

Paradoxically, there is a great regulatory void, even if a draft text in this sector is at a final drafting stage and there is a great lack of support for start-ups. University research projects, for lack of support and financial funds, end up in the drawers. The “Med Tech” sector is a multidisciplinary field, par excellence, unfortunately communication between health professionals, engineers and start-ups is not optimized, or even lacking, most of the time.

The production of medical devices and prototypes is insufficient, despite some very interesting and promising initiatives.

What are the next steps ?

A “SWOT” analysis was drawn up at the end of the seminar. The mission of the scientific committee, made up of experts in the field from the public and private sector, is to follow up on the recommendations and write a white paper which will be submitted to the authorities and to ensure the execution of a action and a roadmap for overcoming current barriers and transforming shortcomings and weaknesses into strengths, starting with the publication of the regulatory framework and related implementing decrees.

We will also focus on the opportunities available to our country in this area, both nationally and internationally, to seize them.

Do you seem optimistic and really committed?

How not to be when we know that thanks to new technologies, medicine will be more precise, preventive, personalized, reactive, participative and digital.

This will have an immediate impact on the health of our fellow citizens.

I am convinced that the potential is enormous in this field in our country. Human resources are available, committed and creative.

I will spare no effort, personally, to bring my share of contribution to make our country a regional pole in this field.


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Doctor Chokri Jeribi: “The medical technology sector has enormous potential”

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