Elon Musk buys Twitter: panic among the censors!

It is done. At the end of an incredible media and financial soap opera, Elon Musk, the richest man in the world (his fortune is estimated at more than 188.5 billion dollars), has finally bought the Twitter network for the sum of 44 billions of dollars. Something to immediately tweet…

Left first. For Julia Cage, professor of economics at Sciences Po, but who is not afraid to do too much, it is a democratic nightmare ». Nothing less. But also in the liberal press. For Lucie Robequin, one of the editors-in-chief of echoes : “By buying Twitter, the man gives himself the means to shape the network according to his convictions. The inconsistency of his recent remarks leaves us to fear the worst. » Better, she affirms in stride: “With Elon Musk, Twitter could become the receptacle of all the violence that undermines our democracy. » Damn!

Higher still, in the hierarchy of moraline experts, there is still Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market: In Europe the bird will fly according to our European rules”tweet which comes in response to that of the billionaire of South African origin: “The bird is free. »

Why such a controversy? For the methods that could not be more particular of Elon Musk, consisting in immediately firing the quartet leading the company and promising to lay off three quarters of the staff? Not even. Indeed, the reasons for concern of the usual professionals of the indignation could well be the libertarian opinions of this mogul. Let a current Politics little known in France, but which has a number of followers in the USA, based on a liberalism pushed to its ultimate limits (for surrogacy, PMA, homosexual marriage, dope and over-the-counter weapons, etc.), mixed with an equally radical individualism.

We therefore find libertarians among the Republicans or the Democrats, while in its ranks there are personalities as diverse as the actor Clint Eastwood or, formerly, Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan and who, in his books, continuously cites Ayn Rand, one of the leading theoreticians of the libertarian movement, as evidenced by two of her major works, The Virtue of Selfishness and The Living Source. Elon Musk, therefore, participates in this more or less informal nebula. Which leads him very logically to defend this total freedom of expression which is no longer exactly, and has been for a long time, the trademark of Twitter.

Thus, in a tweet posted this Thursday does our man assure : “I didn’t buy Twitter to make money. […] I did it to try to help the humanity that I love. » Touching. Then specify: “There is, at this time, a grave danger that social media will split into far-right and far-left echo chambers that generate more hatred and division in our society. »

Putting one and the other on the same footing of equality can already cause scandal. Which is nothing compared to the one he denounces in stride: “In the frenzied pursuit of the click, a lot of mainstream media has fueled these polarized extremes, thinking that’s what brings in the money, but in doing so, the opportunity for dialogue is lost. » Which is not entirely untrue.

And, for that matter, does Elon Musk plan to restore the former US president? donald trump in his rights to express himself on the network in question? But, cabochard as usual, the brushing made man has already warned that even if we invited it, he would never be a customer again little blue bird!

However, and whatever one may think of these two extraordinary personalities, with manifestly oversized egos, who could both have embodied the super-villains of the James Bond saga, the real scandal is perhaps be elsewhere. For example in this unprecedented fact that President Donald Trump, supposed to have been the most powerful man in the world, can be officially censored, with the blessing of the political and media sphere, by a contraption which is never, sum everything, just an improved Minitel™?

Elon Musk, more than invested in theartificial intelligence while worrying that the latter could one day supplant human brains, it is not necessarily wrong to worry so much: in the face of the stupidity of some of our fellow human beings, the algorithms are indeed the winners.

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Elon Musk buys Twitter: panic among the censors!

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