Entrepreneurship, impact and new partnerships: ESSEC is committed to serving society

On the occasion of the students’ return to school, ESSEC takes stock of the start of the 2022 academic year and the evolution of its RISE strategic point. With 892 new entrants this year, ESSEC welcomes its first promotions in its new dedicated programs to the ecological and social transition and data science and management.

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Starting point ESSEC 2022: 20 years of Impact

Vincenzo Esposito VinziManaging Director of ESSEC Business School, presents the school’s novelties and celebrates the anniversaries of the programs launched 20 years ago. ESSEC is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of its New Grande Ecole program, which prepares middle and high school students for their integration into higher education. In 20 years, more than 3,000 students have been supported by ESSEC and have benefited from this program.

In 2023 this time, ESSEC’s learning center will celebrate its 30th anniversary and will have graduated 8,200 students. ESSEC thus reaches 1,000 apprentices per year, and wishes to continue to provide its students with the benefits of apprenticeship.

Re oral double call, process put in place during the 2022 orals, which aimed to benefit scholarship students who were 0.2 points below the eligibility bar, to still be able to pass the orals. This system was a success, since out of the 35 students concerned by the double call, 24 were finally admitted to ESSEC.

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The ESSEC Cergy campus: “Campus 2020-23” transformation

ESSEC’s main campus, based in Cergy, has been undergoing transformation since 2020. This “new” campus responds to ESSEC’s commitment to CSRand therefore set 3 objectives:

  • Respond to changing teaching methods and offer infrastructures of excellence to students
  • Increase student intake capacity, notably by inaugurating 3 new buildings dedicated to the development of digital pedagogy, to Research Green Power which will benefit teacher-researchers, doctoral students and other research stakeholders at ESSEC, and to sport and education, which can also be used by external people at ESSEC, thus enabling society to benefit from its infrastructures
  • Achieve the highest standards in terms of ecological and environmental performance

This “committed” campus will be completed in 2023 and will benefit from a budget of 60 million euros to adapt to CSR and ecological and environmental transition standards.

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ESSEC 2025: Reduce its carbon footprint related to student mobility by 25%

Anne-Claire PacheAssociate Dean in Strategy and Social Commitment, presents in particular ESSEC’s social and environmental commitment. Already very committed to CSR issues, ESSEC continues to implement programs and systems to strengthen its presence in society.

First, it goes through the “Together” approach, which aims to transform ESSEC in its entirety. In order to lead this transition, ESSEC has created a Social Commitment Department. Anne-Claire Pache presents to us the mechanisms put in place to participate in the reduction of the carbon impact of the school. First of all, ESSEC has determined that 64% of its carbon footprint is linked to student travel during their exchanges abroad. In order to motivate this markdown, ESSEC targets three points:

  • School commitment: Prioritize destinations accessible by low-carbon means of transport for study trips
  • Financial commitment to encourage students: Awarding “sustainable mobility vouchers” students who favor low-carbon means of transport
  • Educate students to low-carbon travel practices

In order to also be able to specialize students in this field, ESSEC creates a new MSc in Sustainability Transformation, in order to participate in the ecological and social transition on the labor market, and in particular to be able to share this knowledge with society. This new program welcomes 37 students for its first class, including 17 different nationalities.

“Enlightening Entrepreneurship”: ESSEC supports its project leaders!

ESSEC’s “Enlightening Entrepreneurship” pillar has supported more than 400 projects since its creation. These projects, led by ESSEC students, total a total of 3.2 billion euros in funding. For the new year, two new tools have been created to support entrepreneurship at ESSEC:

  • Creation of the first StartUp Studio with CY Cergy Paris : faster, more fluid incubator, industrialize the startup creation process. Team of permanent experts + network of cutting-edge researchers: bringing together scientific expertise, students and an ecosystem of funders, partners and experts. 2M€ invested over the next 6 years
  • Creation of the “Leading a Scale-Up” Chair in partnership with the support of Alecméon, Colonies and In Extenso to complement entrepreneurship by helping to develop businesses experiencing very strong growth. This new Chair brings together experts from the academic and economic world to help ESSEC’s hyper-growth Start-Ups.

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ESSEC’s Metalab: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis for the benefit of society

The ESSEC Metalab, experimental platform in terms of artificial intelligence, is now at the service of ESSEC students and professors for 2 years. This allows them to concretely confront the use of artificial intelligence, in particular by using algorithms and analysis tools on a considerable amount of data. This Metalab is notably put at the service of research and teaching. It will be particularly useful for students benefiting from the new partnership between ESSEC and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, which will be able to specialize in the luxury industry and make this environment more sustainable.

Still in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the partnership between ESSEC and CentraleSupélec are developing by also launching a Bachelor’s program in Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences and Management. At the end of the 4 years, the students will therefore be graduates of ESSEC and CentraleSupélec. This training will be delivered entirely in English and will welcome its first promotion, estimated at 31 students, in September 2023.

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Entrepreneurship, impact and new partnerships: ESSEC is committed to serving society

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