EU awards Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair in European Security and Defense at Nebrija University

The escalation of tensions in Europe caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the problem of European energy dependence, hybrid warfare, the use of cyber technology for disinformation, artificial intelligence and militarization space are only the spearhead of a new international geopolitical restructuring in which concepts such as security and defense are evolving by leaps and bounds. Thus, the European Union attributed to the University of Nebrija the Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE chair, the first European Security and Defense Chair awarded in Spain and the second at continental level. Directed by Juan Cayón Peña, Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE aims to contribute to the dissemination of security and defense issues in the European Union within the University and the general public.

For its director, this new chair, as well as the Department of Security and Defense recently inaugurated within the Faculty of Law and International Relations, “consolidates Nebrija University as a reference institution” in the field of security and defence.

“The University of Nebrija has been working for years on the new challenges of postmodernity. We were the first to offer a degree in security, which has been supplemented by various programs master’s degree and doctorate in security and risk and conflict analysis. Thanks to the Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair, we have obtained an unparalleled training offer in Spain and very important on the international scene”, admits Cayón.

Co-funded by the European Union and Nebrija University, the Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair is aimed at all those who wish to learn about the changing reality of the world around us and, above all, who want to enrich their knowledge of European security and defence.

The course is open to all interested parties, free and online, and provides access to certification.

The teaching, which will include 120 hours per year, will always be done in virtual form. It will be led by the Cayón team, with the participation of doctors Rogelio Pérez Bustamante and Julio Guinea Bonillo, both renowned experts on European issues. A three-hour weekly session will be organized in which students will benefit from the corresponding master class and carry out activities on official documents, studies, technical discussions, press releases and other vectors of knowledge of reality of European security and defence. All interested students and teachers can register for free by filling out this form.

Students must supplement their knowledge with seminars organized by the Chair, one per semesterin which high-level personalities will participate in order to enrich their global vision of the subject, “if necessary when addressing complex issues such as those which determine current geopolitics and the tensions which affect Security and Defense in the European environment. “, concludes Cayón.

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EU awards Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair in European Security and Defense at Nebrija University

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