» Food supplements: a dynamic market that reflects French people’s interest in their health MyPharma Editions

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2022

According to a study by the national union of food supplements (Synadiet) carried out by Harris Interactive, the French have largely turned to food supplements and natural health products in 2021. If the 2020 trends (vitality, immunity, sleep) continue, the indications affected by barrier gestures are also making a comeback.

Indeed, with growth of around 6% in France in 2021, the food supplements market continues its momentum and peaks at nearly 2.3 billion euros in turnover according to the latest observatory published by Synadiet.

Growing by around 10%, pharmacies represent 50% of the sector’s turnover and remain the first distribution channel, but they have to deal with a strong diversification of purchasing methods (hypermarkets, internet and organic stores) . Indeed, the distance sales channel, experienced by the French during successive confinements, continues to grow with sales up 16% in 2021 (and 50% compared to 2019).

Fatigue, stress and sleep disorders drive the market

As in previous years, this consumption focused on the areas of strengthening vitality (44%), the immune system (42%) and improving sleep (31%), reflecting the main ailments complain the French.

With the easing of barrier gestures and the return of certain ailments, 2021 was also marked by an increase in certain health indications which had declined the previous year: the respiratory tract (+17% of sales in pharmacies) or joints (+10% sales in pharmacies and parapharmacies).

59% of French people trust natural health products

According to the study, 59% of French people say they have consumed food supplements in the last two years. In addition, the share of regular consumers increased by 6 points, rising from 46 to 52%, illustrating consumer satisfaction with this product category.

Also, the annual observatory notes that if consumers favor certain usual purchasing criteria, such as the origin of food supplements (French manufacturing, as highlighted by players in the sector such asbiovancia institute) it is above all the naturalness, understanding and nature of the ingredients that they are looking for.

Thus, according to the observatory, these three criteria which are naturalness, traceability of production (preferably short circuit) and Transparency/clarity are key factors and represent future trends in this market such as the emergence of the ORGANIC sector. .

Source: 2022 Synadiet/Harris Interactive barometer of food supplement consumption in France

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» Food supplements: a dynamic market that reflects French people’s interest in their health MyPharma Editions

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