For its 50th anniversary in Tunisia, APII is organizing a hackathon

For its 50th anniversary, the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII) is organizing a hackathon.

Called “Hack For Digitization”, this initiative consists of identifying innovative applications to digitize and modernize the services offered, as well as to digitize the agency’s internal management processes.

Teams made up of web developers, graphic designer, artificial intelligence specialist, marketing specialists meet for a period of 48 hours to work on IT solutions in a collaborative way in order to provide solutions to challenges proposed by the APII.

This “Hack For Digitization” Hackathon aims to:

  • Promote openness to innovation players by stimulating collective intelligence.
  • Bring out new ideas likely to lead to new services.
  • Functionally implement applications that respond to the issues identified by the agency.

Hackathon participants will have to choose a challenge among the XX that will be presented:

Challenge 1: Optimal schedule for managing survey programs

Load-bearing structures: Documentation and Industrial Information Center

Challenge 2: a simulator for estimating activity class research bonuses

Supporting structures: Center for Facilitation and Management of Benefits

Challenge 3: development of a matchmaking and dating application

Supporting structures: The center for innovation and technological development – ​​APII

The registration period runs from April 4, 2022 to April 24, 2022 and will be done online via a dedicated form which will be shared by APII and its partners on the various communication media (website, social networks, etc.). .

As for the hackathon, it will be held on May 7 and 8, 2022, at the “living LAB APII”

The hackathon is open to any natural or legal person residing or not in Tunisia. Participation in the hackathon is by team of two people, minimum and four people, maximum.

Only successful candidates will receive confirmation of their registration by e-mail to the personal address that will be indicated in the form.

A scoping and team identification meeting (merger of teams in case of similarity of profiles) will be officially held during the launch of the hackathon to assign the teams selected to the challenges, as well as to present the themes by the supporting structures.

Each participant must present themselves on the day of the launch of the hackathon. Each participant must bring their own computer equipment. Participating teams must appoint a team leader.

The participant is solely responsible for his hardware and software, of which he retains custody, and for any damage that may occur to his hardware and software within the framework of the hackathon.

Can participate in the hackathon:

1. Participants:

  • Engineering students
  • Students
  • PhD students
  • start-up
  • Developers

2. Mentors:

04 mentors will be present during the 03 days, in accordance with a predefined schedule, in order to supervise and assist the teams as well as to lead training sessions.

Mentors should be specialists in at least one of the following areas:

  • IT development,
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Business experts

These mentors will essentially have the mission of helping the teams to refine their ideas in order to be able to concretize them as well as to serve as a relay between the participants and the members of the jury.

3. The Jury

A jury made up of representatives of the APII, its partners and recognized professionals in the field of the challenge will evaluate the solutions presented by the competing teams and will establish a ranking of the best projects to choose the projects that best meet the criteria.

Logistics :

  • Candidates are expected to bring their own computer.
  • Development technologies and software are defined by the hackathon organizer.
  • An internet connection will be available for the needs of the candidates.
  • The maximum number of candidates is set at 60.
  • The organizer provides participants with:
  • A workspace, as well as a relaxation area (one or two common room(s)).
  • A catering service (lunch, coffee break and dinner)

Deliverables :

  • The proposed solution can be:
  • An application
  • A software
  • A website

It is required that the solution be operational, but a prototype with a well-detailed design document is acceptable. The design document must contain the description of the solution, the architecture, UML diagrams, implementation costs, and any other necessary information.

Presentation of the projects:

At the end of the hackathon, each team, represented by its team leader, has 10 minutes to present its project to the jury in accordance with a predefined schedule shared in advance with the participants. The jury can question the team for 05 minutes to ask for more explanations.

Deliberation and selection of the winners:

The jury evaluates the projects submitted by the teams according to predefined evaluation criteria. After deliberations, the jury selects a winner per challenge. The announcement of the results will take place during an award ceremony which will be organized on the sidelines of an event to be organized by APII on June 8, 2022.

The costs :

  • One prize per challenge will be awarded to the winners selected by the jury.
  • The price will include:
  • A value prize of 10,000 DT;
  • Participation in an international exhibition.
  • Support by the APII of the costs of legal incorporation of companies.

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