Have you ever visited the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

Dubai is a real scene of ostentation and wealth is reflected in every building. An example of this could be the Museum of the Future, which offers an immersive experience in an environment that takes visitors on a journey to what may be to come.

Each floor showcases a different theme, from space to wellness, and each exhibit explains how technology could change the world in the years to come.

If time travel is not yet (proven) possible, Dubai invites the most curious to take a tour of the future. It does this through a museum, which opened on February 22 this year, and is part of the city’s pompous landscape.

Dubai excels in ostentation and few are those who visit the city and are not absolutely stunned by the beauty and richness of the colossal buildings that surround it. In fact, this greatness has allowed the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to build its own identity and establish itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the world.

Museum of the Future in Dubai

In February this year, Dubai opened the doors of the Museum of the Future which will serve as a permanent tribute to science and technology, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a futuristic experience.

The structure of the Museum of the Future is probably one of the greatest challenges in architecture. Elliptically, it has been the target of certain theories: there are those who consider that the structure represents humanity and the void represents the unknown future; and there are those who liken it to a human eye turned to the future. Whatever the true approach to the building, for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of the United Arab Emirates, it is the “most beautiful in the world”.

Dubai erected an ode to the future

The Museum of the Future took six years to build and it was designed by designer John Killa of Killa Designs. In addition to its particular shape, the exterior is made of stainless steel and has exactly 1024 panels which, in representation of the technology, correspond to 1024 bytes in a kilobyte.

Moreover, the structure is covered with Arabic quotes, one of which mentions that “the future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it”. Inside, a hall has been designed and the building has been divided into seven floors, each dedicated to a scientific space.

Six floors of discoveries at the Museum of the Future

First of all, in the hall of the Museum of the Future, it is possible to consume, for example, a coffee, and to be served by a robot. In addition, you can walk around and move around the floors of the building, using an elevator that guarantees an (almost) spatial experience.

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Starting to go up, on the first floor, there is a space dedicated to the heroes of the future (Future Heroes), the children. Once there, the youngest can participate in Imagination, Design and Build activities, serving to develop their communication skills and foster their creativity.

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On the second floor, visitors to the Museum of the Future learn about the latest advances in science and technology and can experience various products developed by companies around the world. This floor places enthusiasts inside Tomorrow Today, where they can encounter, for example, the Bionic Soft Hand, Gravity Jet Suit, and CyberDog.

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At Al Waha, the wellness center on the third floor is designed to help visitors connect with themselves and distance themselves from technology as it promotes distance between people.

Once on the fourth floor, visitors can experience the Heal Institute, which documents the ideal future of the Amazon, recreating the rainforest and demonstrating that it can support a range of different species in a single ecosystem. The objective is to demonstrate that it is possible to heal the ecology thanks to artificial intelligence and biotechnologies.

It is at OSS Hope that visitors can experience a highly immersive space experience. The fifth stage has been approved by NASA and offers a journey of 600 kilometers beyond Earth, as well as knowledge transmitted by experts.

Museum of the Future in Dubai

Finally, the sixth floor of the Museum of the Future is reserved for offices, and the seventh for conferences and events.

Living up to its landscape, Dubai now has another structure that values ​​and honors what is best known and done in technology, opening up a space for visitors to experience what the future might be.

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Have you ever visited the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

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