Here are the eight startups selected for the new season of the Ouest-France group accelerator

Twelve startups pitched to the jury of experts from the Sipa Ouest-France group a few days ago in Rennes. Stakes : integrate OFF7, the startup accelerator of the leading media in print and digital and thus succeed nuggets like Doors, Swishlive or Getfluence.

Twelve start-ups in the advertising and media sector followed one another before a jury made up of Fabrice Bazard (head of digital services and IT), Olivier Porte (marketing manager), Christian Philibert (DG Additi), Alexandre Phalippou (in charge of editorial assignments for the Ouest-France group), Maud Lévrier (Deputy Director Ouest-France/Intrasipa), Frédéric Lecarme (DGA 20 Minutes), Francis Gaunand (Chairman of the management board), Patrice Hutin (DG Sofiouest), Charlotte Jestin (DG French Tech Grand Paris), and Céline Souliers (Director Belle de Mai Incubator in Marseille).

The objective was to select the startups of the 6th promotion of OFF7 and which will have the chance to be accelerated and accompanied for 8 months by godmothers (or business experts) of the Sipa Ouest-France group and by the Startup teams. Palace. But also to have access to one or more markets, audiences, business expertise (advertising, SEO, analytics, marketing, communication, semantics, GDPR, etc.). Or to benefit from key connections for their development, with a framework and a methodology.

The 8 startups selected to integrate the 6th promotion of the accelerator are:

Founders: Adrien Galerneau. Location: Paris and Rennes. Value proposition: DK is a communication and marketing carbon management software allowing customers to calculate, optimize and reduce the carbon footprint of their offers and services thanks to personalized recommendations. DK is based on ADEME’s carbon footprint methodology.

Founders: Oscar Landry. Location: Rennes. Value proposition: Hunel is a candidate screening tool based 100% on soft skills. It helps recruiters to quickly process a pool of applications in order to identify the profile that best matches in terms of soft skills. Hunel is only for jobs that require little or no technical skills. The added value of Hunel: allow the recruiter to carry out a 360° reference check with the candidate’s entourage (friends, sports coach, former employer). By interviewing those who know him best in different environments/contexts, the recruiter can thus identify the “hidden skills” or validate the soft skills chosen by the candidate. The objective is to make visible the invisible (skills developed in an extra-professional setting).

Founders: Laurent Nicolas. Location: Paris and Quimper. Value proposition: Implcit has developed the first digital advertising targeting solution that uses panel data. Thanks to Implcit, advertising players (media agencies and advertising networks) can buy the spaces (web pages) best suited to the target they want to reach, without using any personal data or cookies. .

Founders: Nathan Venezia. Location: Paris. Value proposition: Manadge is an innovative SaaS BI tool specializing in business activity management, for buyers and sellers in the digital advertising industry. Manadge makes everyday tools less complex by automating the collection and indexing of data from different monetization platforms, allowing their correlation, visualization, understanding and analysis thanks to Machine Learning algorithms developed by Manadge.

Founders: Franck Tami. Location: Puteaux. Value proposition: Ocean Skills is the first online learning platform dedicated to boating offering complete courses for yachtsmen on Monohulls, Catamarans and Motorboats.

Founders: Christopher Kermovant. Location: Paris. Value proposition: TEKLIA develops solutions for the automatic understanding of documents by artificial intelligence. TEKLIA is a company specializing in the automatic recognition of scanned documents. TEKLIA’s technologies allow the machine to understand the structure and content of document images to restore an electronic version allowing their exploitation and enhancement. Thanks to TEKLIA technologies, it is possible to transform a document image into text, in order to carry out searches, to extract names of places or people or to identify thematic subjects.

Founders: Jonathan Llamas. Location: Zürich. Value proposition: VETRI enables its users to protect, control and monetize their personal data. Today it offers its users opinion surveys that correspond to their identity attributes (gender, age, profession, etc.). VETR allows the Internet user to store his personal data in a decentralized and secure way (web3) and to specify for each of these data whether or not he accepts that they are used for targeting. VETRI allows publishers to precisely target Internet users who have consented to their data being used and to better remunerate Internet users who accept targeting.

Founders: Louise Le Bolay Desdoigts, François Rousse. Location: Nantes. Value proposition: Weeli is the solution that organizes group deliveries between neighbors who like the same brand. Concretely, Weeli brings together the deliveries of consumers who have 3 points in common: they are neighbours; hes buy the same brand; and they have the same center of interest/need.

Launched in 2016, OFF7 is the startup accelerator of the Sipa Ouest-France group, specially designed to promote co-creation between the Group and innovative startups. Since its launch, already more than 35 startups have been accelerated. “OFF7 is an innovation device at the service of the Ouest-France Group, which is now well established because we are already in the sixth promotion. These co-creations with startups allow us to get ahead and anticipate changes in our businesses and our market.” comments Fabrice Bazard, Director of Digital Services and IT.

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Here are the eight startups selected for the new season of the Ouest-France group accelerator

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