Here is a mathematical equation to achieve performance and inspiration

Artists, scientists, or even sportsmen, can rush to all sorts of methods in search of a very precise mental state, where absolute concentration would lead to the best performance. It was this form of trance that led Archimedes into a bathtub and shouting “Eureka! “. But this experience is not reserved for geniuses. Psychologists at Yale University therefore sought to develop a formula that could mathematically express this experience, also known as ” flow “.

The “flowcould be defined as an experience and mental state associated with total commitment and concentration in any task that leads to maximum productivity and creativity. According to research, the flow could improve academic achievement, learning and productivity. It could also participate in the improvement of artistic or athletic skills. Artificial intelligence programmers or human resources departments, for example, are always looking for ways to stimulate it. Is it then possible to mathematically model a subjective experience?

How to achieve a mathematical equation of inspiration?

The team of American researchers claims to have arrived at a formula that could improve this state of total immersion and commitment, based on a computational theory. They published their results in the journal Kind Communication. These principles underlying “flow” may be unconscious, but they are not random and operate in a biological system that can be described in mathematical terms.advances in the press release, David Melnikoff, researcher and co-author of the article.

To achieve a final goal, for example writing a thesis, one sketches different ways to achieve it, such as writing so many pages a day. The researchers explain that the means to achieve the purpose, the quantity or the frequency with which they are exercised, are indicators that can indicate whether the objective will be achieved.

The formula is based on the concept of mutual information which “quantifies the strength of association between two variables“. It therefore expresses the mutual information between the fixed purpose and the means put in place to achieve it in the following way: I(M;E). (I: information, M: state provoked to reach the goal, E: goal). “Our theory says that the more informative a medium is, the greater the possibility of knowing the feeling of flow by performing it. explains in the press release David Melnikoff. “The formula is a means of mathematically quantifying exactly how informative a particular means ishe continues.

The formula has already been tested by artificial intelligence programmers in order to optimize processes. Indeed, optimizing the amount of information available helps reveal an individual’s performance and therefore the possible end states that may occur, the study suggests. AI experts thus use this optimization to build machines that can behave like people under a state of “flow”. Performance on any task could potentially improve through the “flow” formula, the study authors suggest.

Certain elements involved in the performance of tasks, such as talent and personal interest in the activity, are not considered in the formula and therefore present a limit to it.

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Here is a mathematical equation to achieve performance and inspiration

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