Jobs of the future presented by Quebec experts

Quebec is one of the world leaders in technology, and more specifically in artificial intelligence. Young people may have heard this statement before. On the other hand, they probably do not see the possibilities available to them when the time comes to make a career choice. A web series now demystifies the world of artificial intelligence for them.

Ms. Ravy Por founded the organization hometown heroes in order to democratize technological education among young Quebecers. Coming from a modest background in Quebec City, she had the opportunity to access higher education and find her place in the world of technology, even if the school counselors had never told her about this possibility. She is now the executive director and leader of the Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies for the global strategy consulting firm KPMG.

From the age of 11, the young woman, whose Cambodian parents immigrated to Quebec before her birth, had the opportunity to do volunteer work and engage as a tutor for students in difficulty. Ravy, who had a real talent for mathematics and science, wanted to pass on his passion to them. Then, technologies were added to his expertise. Today, she wants to inspire young Quebecers and lead them to become the digital creators of tomorrow.

Interview with Frantz Saintellemy, President and COO of LeddarTech, Founder of Groupe 3737.

Promote Quebec experts

Through Héros de chez nous, she offers a first web series, called Pause-Techno IA: the professions of the future which demystifies the fields of the future and offers meetings with Quebec experts in artificial intelligence. The series of 8 short episodes is accessible for schools through the catalog of Télé-Québec in the classroom and of TFO Idello since mid-May.

After an introduction to AI, the other episodes deal with AI in different fields: transport, environment, health, video games, quantum and ethics. The objective is to demonstrate that AI is something concrete in different sectors.

Each episode is built according to the same scenario:

– Concepts related to AI are set out;

– 2D animations illustrate the concepts;

– Interviews with Quebec specialists with atypical profiles can inspire young people;

– Avenues of exploration are offered so that young people can position themselves as the workers of tomorrow (examples of occupations of the future).

Complementary material and teaching guides are offered with each episode.

Interview with Nathalie de Marcellis from CIRANO

Workshops and conferences

Ravy has already had the opportunity to go to primary and secondary schools in Quebec to speak to students. She now wishes to have the opportunity to do it more regularly in order to bring the series to life and to push the experience further with young people. It also offers series of more practical workshops.

“Young people are curious, they must be able to place themselves in discovery mode. I want to open up the possibilities for them, show them examples of Quebecers who are inspiring role models. Everyone must feel that they can make their way and succeed,” says the young woman.

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Jobs of the future presented by Quebec experts

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