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Faced with these digitization challenges, the Judith Conseil firm, located in the Paris region, provides its expertise to many players in order to help them improve the processing and use of their data, thanks in particular to artificial intelligence.

A feminine entrepreneurial story

Created in 2020 by Blandine and Roxane de Rochefort, the IT services company Judith Conseil specializes in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. The dynamic duo formed by the two sisters now allows the consulting firm to provide dual expertise, both from a purely technological point of view and from a financial and business point of view.

Thanks to this combination of skills, Judith Consulting accompanies throughout the year companies from different sectors of activity, to enable them to optimize the use of their data through advice and tailor-made solutions around their data strategy.

Our customers are mostly large accounts that already have a substantial IT infrastructure. Our job is to unleash the full potential of their data, by unearthing gold mines of information at the heart of their IT infrastructure“says Blandine de Rochefort.

Unleash the potential of data

Faced with the acceleration of digitization – a phenomenon that has also increased since the onset of the health crisis – the exploitation of data today allows companies to automate certain activities, to optimize the allocation of resources or to acquire a finer view of the activity within their organization.

One use case for optimizing through the use of data is Process Mining. While the activity of companies is increasingly connected and recorded within their information system, it is now possible to model certain processes related to this activity to detect, analyze and understand any malfunctions. Thanks to the optimization of data data and the use of artificial intelligence, Judith Conseil then allows its partners to improve their decision-making, and to achieve a significant gain in productivity.

It should be noted that the consulting firm is able to intervene on a wide range of data services (data analytics, data visualization, data project, etc.), whether based on figures, spreadsheets, but also texts. , or images.

A precise methodology to create value

To enable its customers to properly value their data, Judith Conseil’s experts first carry out an in-depth study of the needs and objectives associated with the customer’s problem, taking into account the complexity factors, relating for example to its architecture.

After an immersion and test phase, the consulting firm draws up a detailed report where he will present his inventory and his recommendations. ” This analysis phase allows the client to understand our work, and to be certain that it does indeed meet their needs by creating value! “.

The processing phase, followed by the production phase, will then make it possible to develop algorithms to arrive at various personalized solutions. Throughout the process, Judith Conseil’s objective will then be to involve the client even more in the reflection, by offering him regular meetings to define together the various works to be carried out through the implementation of fully appropriate.

While the exploitation of data has become a highly strategic issue for many players, many of them are still lagging behind.

Faced with this situation, the teams of Judith Conseil wish to develop with their partners simple and low-tech solutions designed and deployed based on specific needs. The goal? That everyone can maximize the full potential of their activity thanks to the valuation of their data, thus taking a step ahead of all their competitors.

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Judith Conseil: data exploitation consulting firm – Challenges

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