Luxury: the 3 days when LVMH will ramp up in the use of Data

Data disrupts all universes. From November 14 to 16, LVMH, the world leader in luxury, is organizing 3 face-to-face days during its “LVMH Data Summit” intended to accelerate the proper use of data by its teams in its 75 Houses – the group’s various brands known internationally as Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Tiffany or Celine – and among its 175,000 employees.

A collaborative dynamic set up

The event will make it possible to share the best practices identified by the Houses and to put in place the right collaborative dynamic after the Covid crisis in an area where the luxury group has been investing for 3 years. It is a large-scale event that mobilizes both LVMH Data experts as well as the business managers of its Houses and partners.

On the first day, a hackathon is organized with Kaggle, a community of Data Scientists and Data Engineers

The approach is both educational and active. On the first day, a hackathon – a form of competition – is organized with Kaggle, a community of Data Scientists and Data Engineers who may belong to companies other than LVMH. They will be associated with the group’s internal specialists and certain specialists from partners. This hackathon will carry out a competition around two key issues for the luxury giant. This day will bring together 200 people. The event mixes both internal and external experts associated in teams from morning until evening in machine learning, Machine Learning.

Two themes will be covered during this one-day hackathon. This is on the one hand the amplification of the personalization of the customer experience thanks to Data, and on the other hand the need to enrich and make more efficient search engines, search algorithms, on the group’s sites, including visual search. Indeed, LVHM is looking for the most disruptive search algorithm on its e-commerce platforms.

A second day for executive managers

The second day aims to accelerate the group’s Houses on the use and transformation of Data and on artificial intelligence. This day will allow the sharing of data and artificial intelligence use cases and the progress of the Houses working on these subjects. There will be conferences, inspirational talks and sharing. There will be 200 executive level people who will be assembled.

Luxury the 3 days when LVMH will ramp up in

During the second day, the participants are e-commerce, digital, CIO, technology, supply chain bosses and House presidents

During this second day, the profiles of the participants will be those of e-commerce and digital bosses, CIOs, technology and supply chain bosses and House presidents. They will share on Data acceleration topics. As for 3th day, it will bring together experts to dig deeper into which algorithms and data architectures are most impactful and how to deal with the Chinese market. The event takes place for the 1time day at Google and the second day at LVMH.

If two years ago, 2 to 3 Houses of the group were at the forefront of data, LVMH counts a dozen Houses which reach interesting levels and which accelerate on this subject. Some are more advanced on aspects of customer relations and personalization, and others on the use of data on the Supply Chain and logistics operations and others on manufacturing.

Becoming a “data-centric House” at LVMH

LVMH makes sure that all the Maisons do not invest in the same themes at the same time. It’s about bringing them together so that they can share best practices and value creation. The objective is also to see how we become a “data-centric House” at LVMH. This consists of responding to good organizational practices, how to raise the concept of cross-functional Chief Data Officer, how to organize between business lines and technology and scale up. These three days will serve to bring together the business teams and those of Data Tech.

A dozen emblematic brands will take part in order to share best practices between the houses. On the personalization side of the customer relationship, these include Fendi, Celine and Bulgari, as well as, of course, Sephora and Louis Vuitton, which are at the forefront of these aspects. In terms of supply chain management and logistics operations, Louis Vuitton and Parfums Christian Dior will take the floor. And for manufacturing and performance in the industrial world, the proper use of Data will be presented by the Maisons des Vins et Spiritueux and Loro Piana, an Italian manufacturer of fabrics and leather goods. A patchwork of Maisons will take the floor during this strategic event.

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Luxury: the 3 days when LVMH will ramp up in the use of Data

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