Mali: USTTB and ENI universities officially become “Huawei ICT Academies”

(HUAWEI MALI) – This October 20, in the premises of the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako (USTTB), was held the ceremony sealing the internship agreement signed between Huawei Mali, the USTTB and the National School of Engineers (ENI). The latter allows the two universities to send their best students to do an internship at Huawei’s premises in Mali. As such, they officially become Huawei ICT Academies.

Huawei ICT Academy is a non-profit partnership program established between Huawei and universities. Open to all universities in the world, it provides Huawei-certified ICT courses to many students. This program serves as a bridge between business and higher education aimed at creating a skills ecosystem for the ICT industry. The Huawei ICT Academy was designed to deliver standardized training and certification courses that are highly valued by employers. Thus, access to these courses will allow students to acquire the latest knowledge and practical skills in ICT, thus promoting their integration into the job market.

In the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and the Digital Economy, the Rector of USSTB, the Rector of ENI, the Director General from Huawei Mali, the ceremony began with a presentation of the Huawei ICT Academy program and was followed by an address from each of the guests.

Speaking on this topic, Mr. August Dong, General Manager of Huawei Malisaid he was honored to inaugurate this program with USTTB and ENI: “We are proud to be able to launch this program in Mali, where the population is mainly young, with the USTTB, the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako and the ENI, which are public establishments of a scientific nature. , technological and cultural renown. »

Explaining the benefits of this program, Mr. Dong continues: “With free access to courses such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, WLan, storage, or Big Data, this platform will allow students to train, learn more about new technologies, the courses provided allowing to acquire several levels of certification, respectively, HCIA, HCIP and HCIE. With this partnership, we will be proud to see a new generation of ICT experts emerge in Mali and in the sub-region, the latter being then able to take charge of the digital future of the country and de facto, of the continent. »

Highlighting the interest of this internship agreement signed between the company and the two universities, the CEO of Huawei concluded his remarks as follows:

Creating a talent ecosystem is crucial for Huawei. In addition to providing them with expertise in the key sector of new technologies, it is essential to help them integrate into the professional world, where they can concretely apply what they have learned. »

the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, supervisory ministry and sponsor of the program in Malicongratulated the Huawei Group for this commitment: “ On behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, I would like to congratulate the Huawei group for this initiative, allowing students from these two universities to benefit from a free learning platform for careers in the digital. »

He also spoke about the importance of training young people in digital professions: “ In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, it is important to invest in the training of young people in the digital field. Indeed, digital transformation calls us to review the way we learn and work. Working methods are evolving and undergoing major transformations in a digital economy. Distance learning is an asset for our societies made up mainly of young people. “, before continuing” The internship agreement proposed by Huawei is also a welcome gesture, as it contributes to our government’s effort to facilitate the professional integration of young people, facilitate their employability and thus reduce the unemployment rate in the country. »

the rector of USTTB closed his speech with thanks: “ I would like, on my own behalf and on behalf of all USTTB teacher-researchers, staff and students, to express our deep gratitude to Huawei Technologies Mali for choosing our institution to host the first Huawei ICT Academy in Mali. Huawei thus gives us the benefit of its expertise in the field of ICT and contributes to the qualitative improvement of training within our university. “.

the rector of ENIMr. Abderhamane Baba Touré also wanted to thank the Huawei group for its commitment: “ This agreement marks the second stage of the partnership that we have established with Huawei. As part of this, our students will have the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical knowledge, while benefiting from solid experience in the field in order to ensure that they are fully competitive on the job market. In addition, this partnership is in line with our strategic objectives, allowing our students and teachers to obtain Huawei Technologies certifications.”

Huawei ICT Academy authorizes instructors from universities in countries around the world to deliver Huawei trainings by providing them with the necessary documentation. The university’s certified instructors are responsible for organizing the courses and the practical work (Labs) of the training. Thanks to these two partnerships in Mali, students will not only benefit from new theoretical and practical skills in ICT, Huawei certifications, which means all the more substantial assets in their CVs, but also from a good professional integration.


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Mali: USTTB and ENI universities officially become “Huawei ICT Academies”

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