Miss France 2023: the candidates, the favorites… Which winner?

MISS FRANCE. It’s the big night for 30 candidates for the Miss France 2023 contest! In Châteauroux, one of them will be crowned the most beautiful woman in France. Discover the photos of the candidates, the favorites of the contest and the information on the election.

12:32 – Which favorites to win Miss France this year?

Before tonight’s live, let’s take stock of the regional candidates whose names come up most often as potential favorites to win the competition. First indicator, the general culture test promises a great adventure for Miss Normandy (promo major with a score of 17.5/20), Miss Champagne-Ardenne and Miss Rhône-Alpes. We see them at least reach the Top 15 because the jurors often pay attention that the misses show a certain culture. Then, the votes of the public are also very important and, in this game, the number of followers on Instagram can give a partial indicator of the popularity of the different Misses. At the time of writing these lines, the three most popular misses on the social network are Miss Guyana, Miss Réunion and finally Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais who, if they pass the Top 15 stage, could receive the favor of the public. In our various polls, we note that Miss Guadeloupe and Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais stand out from the other candidates. To see if these first indicators will have been able to predict the result of this evening!

12:00 – You don’t know it yet but half of the misses are already eliminated

Tonight from 9 p.m., there will be 30 of them to parade on TF1 live but in reality fifteen candidates are already eliminated. Yes, their fate was sealed this Wednesday when they were presented to a jury of experts who decided, in the greatest secrecy, of the Top 15 who will continue the adventure. However, viewers will have the opportunity to discover them all on stage in Châteauroux. The fifteen pre-selected will be revealed around 11 p.m. if the usual schedule of the show is respected.

11:29 – Miss Normandy, valedictorian for the general knowledge test

Every year, the results of the regional misses in the general culture test are particularly scrutinized. If the Miss France organization never gives the full marks or even an average of the promotion, it does however share the best marks in the class. In this game, it is Miss Normandy 2022 who stood out the most with a score of 17.5/20 which allows her to come out on top ahead of Miss Champagne-Ardenne and Miss Rhône-Alpes. Enough to ensure a place in the Top 15 for Perrine Prunier.

11:01 – Can you do better than the misses on the G culture quiz?

Each year, the 30 candidates for the Miss France election must pass a general culture questionnaire which is particularly important for their chances in the national competition. Indeed, the best ranked give themselves the hope of going far in the adventure while the lowest grades make it difficult to reach the Top 15. Do you want to try your hand at the Miss France questionnaire? Do you think you are doing as well as Miss Normandy and her score of 17.5/20? Take the test by clicking on the article below.

10:32 – Last Miss France election for Sylvie Tellier

This evening will of course mark the handover between Diane Leyre and the future Miss France 2023, but it is not the only end of the reign expected today. Indeed, after the takeover of the Miss France company by Alexia Laroche-Joubert and her company ALP, Sylvie Tellier is about to leave and will be replaced by Cindy Fabre at the head of the competition. It is therefore undoubtedly the last time that we will see the former Miss Rhône-Alpes become Miss France during an election of the national competition.

10:01 – Châteauroux had already hosted the Miss France contest five years ago

For the MACH 36 room in Châteauroux, the organization of the Miss France 2023 final is far from being a first. Indeed, the Castelroussin public had already witnessed the coronation of Maëva Coucke in 2017. This year, the Miss France committee chose to return to Châteauroux five years later rather than choosing a room in the Ile-de-France region, among others. Sylvie Tellier explained this in May when the place of organization of the evening was revealed. “There were a lot of cities in competition. It’s true that the fact of having come five years ago and taking advantage of this fluidity in exchanges favored our choice”.

09:46 – End of reign for Diane Leyre tonight

She had been elected on December 11 last year, Diane Leyre had been crowned Miss France against Miss Martinique. It was an unexpected victory for the Île de France region, which had not won since 1997. Since then, Diane Leyre has had the opportunity to live a busy year as a beauty queen, participating in many many renowned events but also becoming a radio co-host. Below, we come back in pictures to the year of Diane Leyre’s reign.

09:31 – Where is the Miss France 2023 contest held?

This year, the election of Miss France 2023 is held not far from Châteauroux. To be precise, it is within the MACH 36 performance hall in Déols, a town north of Châteauroux, that the competition takes place. The room, which had already had the opportunity to host the Miss France show, has an adjustable capacity between 500 and 3,500 seats. What to take advantage of the popular fervor during this kind of show.

09:16 – How many candidates are there for Miss France this year?

Each year, several dozen candidates from different regions of France compete to try to obtain the scarf and the crown of Miss France. This year, they will be thirty opposed on the Châteauroux stage to hope to succeed Diane Leyre. It should be noted that, unlike last year, the applications from Languedoc and Roussillon are separated while Miss Saint-Martin Saint-Barthélémy is returning to the competition and Miss Mayotte is not competing this year.

09:00 – The Miss France 2023 election takes place tonight!

Hello everyone and welcome to this live dedicated to the election of Miss France 2023. Tonight, France is voting to determine the most beautiful woman in the country. 30 candidates will be gathered on stage and the jury and the public will have the heavy task of determining who will succeed Diane Leyre, Miss Île de France who won the competition last year.

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Miss France 2023: the candidates, the favorites… Which winner?

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