Pearson TalentLens, the key to adapting to changes in the world of work

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In a constantly changing world of work, organizations must respond to two main challenges: improve the recruitment of their employees and ensure the continuous training of their talents in order to retain them. Pearson TalentLens offers tests, scientifically validated and developed in collaboration with recognized experts, to help human resources professionals assess soft skills and make many strategic decisions. Grégory D’Antuoni, commercial director and Valeria Mascellani, senior product analyst manager, answer our questions.

Can you introduce Pearson Talent Lens ?

Our company has existed for more than 70 years, first under the name of ECPA (Editions du Center de Psychologie Appliquée). It was then renamed Pearson TalentLens after joining the Anglo-Saxon group Pearson, in order to develop internationally. We publish psychometric tools, more commonly called “tests”, intended to help HR managers make the right decisions in terms of recruitment and internal talent development. Thanks to our long experience and our scientifically proven expertise, Pearson TalentLens is today a leading player in the assessment of intellectual aptitudes, personality and motivation in the professional context. The group has more than 20,000 employees, and offers its products and services in nearly 200 countries.

Who are your tools for?

We address the HR departments of large groups, but also of SMEs, in the private and public sector. We work with administrations or ministries. We also work with firms that serve as intermediaries for companies. The tests we offer require a short training period for HR managers. From 2 to 3 days, it allows them to understand the tools in order to use them better and offers them a real increase in skills that can be valued in their job of supporting the recruitment and development of human capital.

The human resources market is constantly evolving, there are more and more local managers thanks to digitalization and automation. That’s why Pearson TalentLens offers two types of solutions: one dedicated to HR experts, an audience that is already familiar with people assessment. The second solution is geared more towards operational staff, with a more accessible, simplified mode, so that they can make quick decisions with reliable and objective data.

How do these psychometric tools work?

Through questionnaires, these tests collect answers around the fields of personality, intellectual aptitudes, behavioral tendencies or even motivation and centers of interest. They thus provide information based on quantifiable and objective data, which will be read in the same way by all HR managers. The tool compares this information specific to an individual, to a panel of people assessed in the same context. There is a theoretical model based on differential psychology and statistical data in order to be able to standardize the measurement and obtain the most objective and reliable information possible. These are either quizzes or problem-solving sessions, which last between 20 and 45 minutes. Thanks to pre-programmed algorithms, the answers are analyzed in order to identify and select the person most likely to best adapt to the position and thus satisfy not only the company but also the employee.

What are the challenges in your sector?

The main challenge is linked to changes in the world of work, with the push for digitalisation, automation and the development of telecommuting. The creation of the Workforce Skills division in 2021, of which Pearson Talent Lens is part of, marks our desire to accelerate the realization of our vision of the world of work: a world where everyone can realize their full potential by being aware of their own skills (and thus boost their employability) and where organizations can take better human capital decisions. They can then better build their teams using reliable information about what people know, can and want to do. That’s why Pearson TalentLens is currently working on a broader offering.

What is it about ?

Technological impacts, employee mobility, career development, are all elements that profoundly modify the labor market. Some jobs will become richer, others on the contrary are doomed to disappear. For example, some retail trades have been impacted by technological developments, with the introduction of automatic checkouts, and a large group of employees have had to retrain for other positions or leave the organization.

A company needs to know how jobs will evolve in the coming years, in order to plan the management of its human capital. Pearson TalentLens is developing an offer offering companies an organizational diagnosis of tomorrow’s skill requirements. It is a concrete question of defining which employee will be able to evolve towards a new profession, will have the capacities and the desire, and in what way it will be necessary to accompany him in this evolution.

We use Artificial Intelligence for the predictive analysis of this data. We then add Pearson’s expertise in talent assessment and lifelong learning, to give employers and individuals access to the tools they need to develop their skills and unleash their potential. The solution we are building will enable people to improve their job and career prospects. And companies to develop an internal recruitment and training strategy.

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Pearson TalentLens, the key to adapting to changes in the world of work

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