Pixel Tablet: Google has found a trick so that its future tablet is always ready

After introducing its Pixel 7 and its Pixel Watch, Google took the time to say a few words about its future tablet, the existence of which was revealed during Google I/O. Its engineers notably had a good idea to ensure that it was always charged and useful.

The veil continues to lift, but then very slowly… To the point that one might think that Google has become a master in the art of stripping. On the occasion of its Made by Google ’22 conference, after announcing its Pixel 7 and its Pixel Watch, the Mountain View giant spoke again about its tablet, the Pixel Tablet, without really going into details, because it should not arrive on the market until the beginning of next year.

Delays to catch up

However, we already have a clearer idea of ​​what this high-end tablet will have to offer and its ambitions. Thus, it will ship the Tensor G2, the same processor that gives life to the new smartphones from the Mountain View company.

A SoC that relies mainly on its neural network part to support all the software intelligence that Google regularly adds to Android. Whether it’s for voice recognition, photo editing or faster searches.

However, if Android is very comfortable on smartphones, it is much less so on tablets, even if the company is working hard to adapt it to larger screens with its Android L versions. .

But in this case, it is on another point that Google has again insisted: the work carried out with the developers so that the applications are cut for a larger screen, that they make the most of a split screen, etc.

The goal? Making the Pixel Tablet the best tablet to use Android… An essential mission and not so simple as that to carry out. In any case, it is to be hoped that after talking about it during its Google I/O and again now, Google has realized the task at hand and sets the bar high. Let’s hope so.

Google – The Google Pixel Tablet will benefit from everything Android has to offer.

“A tablet that’s comfortable in your hands and in your home”

In addition, the various spokespersons for the American giant who have succeeded each other on stage and have all taken the trouble to point out that the tablet is part of a whole, of a family, made of devices stamped Pixel, of course, but also from the Nest universe, for home automation. Of course, that’s what the slogan meant. “it’s all coming together”which accompanied the invitations.

Like other Pixel products, the tablet will be the result of the meeting of Android, hardware and artificial intelligence. Thus, Google Assistant will play a central role in interactions with the Pixel Tablet. Likewise, the video call functions of the Pixel smarpthones will of course be available on the Pixel Tablet.

This notion of ecosystem is not just a declaration of marketing intent. It is essential, because it leads to a rather original approach to the tablet.

Google is thus not afraid to say that 80% of the time, a tablet is at home, and only serves a tiny part of the time, during which it gathers dust, drags in a corner, becomes a kind of trap in which we can trip, because it is charging… in the best case. Because, as a good home product, a tablet is often neglected as soon as it is used. The multiplicity of its users often results in no one bothering to make sure there is battery left. The experience of the less fortunate users then comes down to noticing that it is off… and plugging it in.

The Pixel product family is growing.
Google – The Pixel product family is growing.

A docking station… to recharge it and turn it into a Nest Hub

To solve this last problem and give it a permanent or more regular interest, Google has designed a docking station, on which the Pixel Tab will be magnetized. It recharges there, on the one hand, but will also play the role of a Nest Hub, in a way. Becoming a connected screen that gives the weather, essential information, cooking recipes or allows you to video chat with loved ones.

In addition, from a homebody, the Pixel Tab becomes home automation. It can thus be used to adjust the thermostats in your home, to turn off the light without getting up, to lock your door if your lock is connected, etc. More simply, you will also be able to see your photos scrolling through it, from the corner of your eye, like digital photo frames in the past. To tell the truth, the idea of ​​this duplication can be interesting, and it will be necessary to ensure that it fits well into daily life.

In addition, without having any details on its touch screen, we now know that the Pixel Tablet is made of a recycled aluminum frame covered with a ceramic coating specially designed to withstand the test of time and life. . It will be available in two colors, the names of which are unknown – they will certainly be very exotic – but one tends towards white and the second towards a kind of olive green – Boba Fett green, according to some experts. We also know that it will only offer a rear camera module and at least one in the front. As for the price, the mystery obviously hangs. We can only hope that Google will instead opt for contained prices, not necessarily as with its Pixel Watch, in other words.

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Pixel Tablet: Google has found a trick so that its future tablet is always ready

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