Post-baccalaureate orientation: choose a digital school to access the best career opportunities

Making the right choice of studies after the baccalaureate can sometimes be complex. There are the classic courses, business or communication schools which prepare for almost everything, or engineering schools and their difficult preparatory classes. Then, at a time when digital transformation is accelerating and affecting all sectors, there is a new, central, royal way to train for the best professions and access the best jobs: post-baccalaureate schools in Tech and digital professions.

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The needs of companies, from all walks of life, are such that it would be necessary to train 5 times more experts in these fields to cover recruitment needs. Digital is not a sector: it is a cross-functional expertise, which allows you to work in all companies, in all sectors, and which allows you to exercise many professions. Digital is also a way of accessing meaningful jobs, which make young people dream.

What orientation after the BAC? A question that occupies the minds of many high school students: fear of making the wrong choice, of locking themselves into a sector that is too competitive or little recognized, but also reluctance vis-à-vis the entire Parcoursup process… And if the solution was in a one and the same sector? Today, Tech appears to be the royal road to the best career opportunities.

A sector that affects all companies and recruits at attractive salaries

While a few years ago, choosing a business or engineering school seemed to be the most obvious path to guarantee a stable job, with prospects for rapid development and good salaries, the trend has changed. The profound digital transformation of society is opening up new perspectives and shaking up the job market. With new technologies, it is estimated that 85% of the professions of 2030 do not yet exist (source Pôle emploi).

Frédéric Sitterlé, Managing Director of the HETIC school explains to us: “There will be more innovations and changes in the next 10 years than there have been in the last 20. It is therefore essential to offer digital training courses that are constantly reinventing themselves, to take into account the weak signals sent by companies and anticipate the future needs of employers“. In 3 years, the HETIC school has created 9 new courses, adding to the existing ones: web development, digital marketing, data and artificial intelligence, 3D and metavers, cyber security, etc.…

Future web developers, cyber security experts, webmarketing or metavers project managers, SEO consultants: companies are fighting to welcome these talents. Job offers in these fields are significantly higher than the number of candidates available on the market. A phenomenon well illustrated at HETIC, where 98% of students find a job at the end of their training, at an average starting salary of 42,000 euros per year. A figure well above the average for young graduates with a bac+5, which amounts to 30,000 euros per year (source: Apec).

Studying in Tech… or how to change the world

Beyond the economic fabric, if Tech attracts more and more young talents, men as well as women, it is because it allows them to have a real impact on today’s world. “At HETIC, we are convinced that Tech is part of the solutions to meet the major environmental, economic, social, diversity, diversity and inclusion challenges we face. Students are taught to tame Tech to put it at the service of the common good. Those who have the power to master the Tech then have a great responsibility. We are in a key moment for humanity, at the dawn of a new Renaissance which will see the birth of a positive humanist technology. In our school, we aim for 100% educational projects with impact, and we believe that the next generation is capable of working for a better world, thanks to its mastery of Tech”, confides Frédéric Sitterlé.

Becoming a professional even before leaving school: the apprenticeship challenge

Companies want to recruit in priority “young graduates with experience”. At the HETIC school, all of the training from bac+3 to bac+5 all end with work-study. This gives HETIC students a unique competitive advantage at the time of their professional integration: as much professional experience and years in companies as academic training on their CV. They are already employees during the training and master the codes of the company. They are immediately operational. And the training costs are fully borne by the companies. This experience, and this network, are also reinforced by the nature of the speakers within the school: all are working professionals who come to share their expertise, and by a strong network of several thousand alumni holding important responsibilities in the Tech ecosystem. Each year, 10 to 15% of HETIC school graduates create their own business or start-up, including very successful French Tech. The school also benefits from partnerships with a network of more than 5,000 companies which facilitates support in finding internships, work-study programs or a first job. This makes HETIC the reference school for Tech entrepreneurs and French Tech companies.

The code: learning a universal language that opens all doors

At the HETIC school, the code is considered the new grammar, essential for understanding today’s world and preparing for the world to come. The Grande Ecole Program, which leads to a Bac+5 certification, alone embodies this philosophy. Curriculum that pushes for excellence, it allows students, immediately after the baccalaureate, to acquire the fundamentals of Tech, and in priority the code, from the first two years with an integrated preparatory cycle. On the first day of the first week, students are supported in the deployment of a digital solution. And it’s just as accessible to those who have never coded before. Two years to make a 360 of Tech and forge a strong digital culture, master the fundamentals to then move on to the fields of application. In the 3rd year, students who so wish can do a semester abroad with one of the 10 universities with which the HETIC school has established strong partnerships, from South Korea to North America. This 3rd year is also an opportunity to explore all the specialties that the student may choose to deepen in 4th and 5th year: digital marketing, data and artificial intelligence, innovation and entrepreneurship, business, design, web development, cybersecurity, metaverse, 3D, applied to minor sector electives: eHealth, fintech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, tourism, luxury, spacetech , etc.

Training accessible to all, opposed to classic models, which favors practice and thus reveals the potential of each. “Our mission is to pick up students where they are and guide them to a job that matches their search for meaning and allow them to access a fulfilling career.” adds Frédéric Sitterlé, General Manager of the HETIC school.

HETIC: a school accessible outside Parcoursup!

Driven by the desire to make its students independent and to place the human relationship at the heart of their proposals, HETIC is a school where applications are studied outside of Parcoursup and profiles are assessed individually based on each person’s potential. No need to wait for the opening of Parcoursup or even the results of the BAC: it is possible to apply at any time of the year and to have an answer in 48 hours, within the limits of the places available for each promotion.

In order to consolidate their choice, high school students can spend a day immersed in the school, in order to familiarize themselves with the establishment, while discussing with teachers and ethicists on the functioning of the school.

Students who already hold a BAC+1 to BAC+4 level can also join certain HETIC courses via the parallel admissions process.

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Post-baccalaureate orientation: choose a digital school to access the best career opportunities

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