ProovStation presents its new inspection gantry

On the occasion of the Lyon Motor Show (April 7-11, 2022), the French company ProovStation unveiled the new version of its vehicle inspection portal. This equipment aims to lower operating costs while supporting more sustained rates.

More compact, the ProovStation gantry is above all easier to industrialize.

If the dealers will be the main organizers of the Lyon show (69), which is being held from April 7 to 11, 2022, other companies have made the trip. Among them are ProovStation, the specialist in intelligent image analysis, which has just presented the brand new version of its automated inspection portal for car bodywork.

At first glance, the leap forward is obvious since the Lyon company has modified the design of the equipment that we have known since 2020. The gantry is more compact to better integrate into the decor. At the request of customers, traffic lights have been added to punctuate the passage of operators in the machine. So much for appearances.

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From a technical point of view, the image processing software has been improved and a camera capable of outputting images in high definition (4K) and in color has appeared on the list of components. This will allow customers to share the results of the analyzes with their own customers, we explain in the ranks of ProovStation.

All these changes are intended to simplify the industrialization of the gantrydeveloped Cedric Bernardthe co-founder and CEO of ProovStation. Thus, in addition to gaining in robustness, we have managed to lower production costs“. And that opens up business opportunities.

Criticized by some professionals for its price, the company can indeed now allow itself to extend the holding periods, to 60 or even 72 months, in order to reduce the monthly payments of users. In addition, specifies the co-founder, the electricity consumption has been divided by seven, without however reducing essential functions, such as that of the automatic tire scanner supplied by Michelin.

Three modes of operation

The Lyon show will not be the occasion to give indications on the next deployments. Manufacturers, logisticians, remarketing specialists, rental companies and dealers remain the priority targets, Cédric Bernard is content to remind us. On the other hand, he is more eloquent on the evolutions of operating methods.

With this new version ProovStation offers three types of operation. The customer can first opt ​​for a 100% automated solution, in which the driver goes through the gate and the information is processed and then routed to a defined recipient. Alternatively, there is a hybrid formula that provides a tablet to control specific inspection tasks. The third possibility consists in delegating the analysis to teleoperators. From a distance, these bodywork analysis experts draw up the report based on the images received. They derive their legitimacy from their participation, over the past few years, in the calibration of the artificial intelligence that governs the gate.

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Still in an exponential growth phase, ProovStation has achieved a 100% increase in its turnover between 2020 and 2021. Cédric Bernard intends to confirm this curve during the current financial year.

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ProovStation presents its new inspection gantry

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