Singapore would be the most successful and innovative country in the automotive world

Indicators from the Automotive Disruption Radar, edited by Roland Berger, show that the most significant changes in the global automotive industry have more to do with artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and battery cost. Singapore is the leader, France tenth.

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Roland Berger’s Automotive Disruption Radar (ADR) indicators show advances in artificial intelligence, battery cost and autonomous driving.

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In the 12e sound editing “Automotive Disruption Radar” (ADR), the Roland Berger firm announces several major technological developments (including three main ones) that emerged for the sector in November 2022, the last period analyzed. Traditionally, the scores are based on a survey of 22,000 motorists and experts from 22 markets, questioned on 5 areas (customer interests, infrastructure, regulations, technology and industrial activity), thus bringing together 26 indicators. The purpose of this report is to study the evolution of global trends and by country, in order to anticipate changes in the global automotive industry and to serve as decision-making tools for professionals in the sector, assures the company.

The demand for electricity is increasing, except in France

While the economic environment remains very tense due to the health crisis and the war in Ukraine, the assessments of consumers and manufacturers have generally highlighted changes in battery costartificial intelligence and autonomous driving, which received the highest score, with a 5 out of 5. Next come, with a score of 4 out of 5, the preference of customers for electric vehicles, the planning of their travel, EV and PHEV sales, venture capital investment and 5G network coverage.

According to the polls and the trends emerging from them, Singapore took first place in the ranking of the most successful and innovative countries on these subjects of mutation (2e in June), ahead of China and Norway. France loses a rank and falls in 10e position.

Other lessons are to be drawn from this study, particularly concerning electrification. Electric cars now account for more than one in eight total sales in the 22 countries screened by ADR. On the French market, the vehicle fleet grew from 7.8% to 17%, or 166,000 vehicles, the panel average being 13.2%. Norway explodes the counters, with a surge of 55% to 76%.

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roland berger electric car sales

Electric cars now make up more than one in eight sales in total ADR countries.

Roland Berger

Roland Berger assures that the demand for electric vehicles has continued to grow since 2022, with for example China and India as the main contributors, which have increased to a potential buyer of 80 to 90%. France, for its part, sees the interest of future buyers stagnate at 40%. It is also the only country not to evolve, while the world average is 60%.

Services and mobility perceived differently

Regarding the “car as a service” model, which underpins the end of ownership or gives pride of place to the subscription, it is emerging in new markets, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. French users (Canadians and Belgians too) are only 36% interested in this type of use, compared to 56% for the rest of the panel and 91% in India, 86% in Indonesia or 81% in China for example. Last observation, interest in new means of mobility has generally increased, but there are two clans: the most refractory, which include South Korea, the United States and France, including 48% of French people who refuse to buy a car in favor of other means of transport, and the most enthusiastic such as India, Singapore and Indonesia.

To conclude, Roland Berger believes that the ADR countries have made enormous progress in autonomous driving tests since 2017. The Netherlands reached in 2022 the last level, the 5 (the system manages everything without limit), China, Japan and Singapore level 4 (the system handles everything on certain roads), while Canada, France, Germany, Italy and England can only test level 3 autonomous vehicles ( the system manages acceleration, braking, steering and monitoring of the road on certain types of lanes).

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autonomous driving level by country

Levels of autonomous driving by country

Roland Berger

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Singapore would be the most successful and innovative country in the automotive world

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