“Smart Port Challenge 2022”: All about the innovations presented

The second edition brings together more than 150 participants

They were more than 150 participants from all over the world to take part in the second edition of the “Smart Port Challenge 2022” Hackathon which ended on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Organized by the National Ports Agency (ANP) and the Guichet unique national PortNet in partnership with the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, the Port Hackathon dedicated to innovation in the port sector in Morocco was open to anyone, start-up, company, school or university wishing to propose innovative solutions in response to major port challenges while creating creative solutions adapted to the needs of Moroccan port customers. In total, 46 teams presented during the final phase of this Hackathon projects meeting the challenges of this 100% online international innovation competition. In this sense, four winning teams of the Smart Port Challenge have been announced. The details.

And the winners are…

The teams distinguished during this competition have provided innovative solutions to the challenges of the sector. Thus, in response to the challenge of reducing waiting times for ships in the harbour, the Siliconesignale Technologies team proposed the Iport Smart Yards solution, which makes it possible to launch predictive models on the availability of docks and consequently offer ships in approach the adjustment of their speed and thus reduce both their energy bill and their waiting time in the harbor. Regarding the challenge of controlling the level of air, water and sediment pollution in ports, the architect-designer Abdessamad Elaichati presented the PORT-LAB system solution. It is a mobile laboratory in the form of a container that carries the latest cutting-edge technologies for pollution control in ports.

Concerning the challenge of streamlining truck flows, the Siliconesignale Technologies team implemented the “iPort: Monitoring and planning of integrated port resources” solution. This complete digital solution is for the monitoring and planning of port resources. It allows traffic optimization in order to reduce the congestion of truck traffic at the port of Casablanca. With regard to the challenge of facilitating business processes, the team from wabtech, an American company, unveiled Cargo Dwell & Optimization, which is a web-based solution based on artificial intelligence and data analytics. It consists of improving the processing of containerized imports and exports in order to reduce the uncertainty of the dwell time, improve prediction, synchronization between administrative procedures and port logistics and the traceability of operations.

See you in 2023

During the closing ceremony, the Director General of the National Ports Agency, Nadia Laraki, congratulated the participants and winners of this unique Hackathon nationally and internationally in the port sector. She also highlighted all the partners, sponsors and experts who took part in this event. They are students, engineers, start-ups and companies from Morocco and many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America to be interested in this high-level competition. Similarly, 40 experts and scientists led the various workshops, webinars and online conferences to support participants throughout the Hackathon.

It should be noted that the 40 experts, logisticians and scientists from Morocco, Switzerland and Sweden who make up the jury evaluated and appreciated the proposed projects according to the 4 criteria, namely: customer centric, business and trade oriented, innovative and sustainable and high added value.

As a reminder, the second edition of the Port Hackathon is part of the “Smartport Innovation” initiative initiated by the ANP. This coordinated and concerted approach to the development of the national port sector aims to improve its performance and constitutes a forward-looking, global and coherent framework for the development of ports. At the end of this ceremony, the National Ports Agency revealed that the next edition of the “Smart Port Challenge” will take place during the year 2023, specifying that the port community is delighted to soon be able to test some innovative ideas from this Hackathon in Moroccan ports.

“Open innovation”: PortNet makes innovation a lever for transformation

To accelerate the digital transformation of the ecosystem, PortNet relies on innovation. It has also set up an “Open Innovation” platform which promotes and develops community solutions responding to the cross-cutting problems of the various players. In this sense, PortNet ensures the interoperability of the proposed solutions. Based on online APIs to Web standards, the solutions are compatible with any type of information system. Said platform presents itself as a lever of transformation bringing advantages for different types of actors (companies, universities, start-ups and public authorities).

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“Smart Port Challenge 2022”: All about the innovations presented

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