Thales supports innovation in artificial intelligence with the fourth season of the AI@CENTECH program –

Following a global call for partners, Thales has selected four start-ups whose AI innovations match its markets and business opportunities. Each of these start-up will work in close collaboration with business managers and experts in artificial intelligence of Thales to validate their technology and business model, and to co-develop solutions for Thales customers in its main markets.

The four young shoots selected

  • Zetane (Canada) enables software teams to rapidly improve, test, and approve AI models for deployment in high-risk operations.
  • Tacteris (Canada) develops and markets its Maestro Enterprise solution which primarily uses AI to support automated unit routing and time planning, with multiple factors and recommendations, in military command and control systems.
  • Kili Technology (France) develops and markets a training and data annotation platform to transform raw and unstructured data into high quality training data at scale.
  • Latent AI (USA) enables the integration of adaptive AI by optimizing compute, power, and memory without requiring changes to existing artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/AM) frameworks and frameworks.

Since 2019, AI@Centech has enabled Thales to partner with future AI champions from Canada and around the world through open innovation and close collaboration. Season 4 continues our success in accelerating the development of AI-powered solutions that will further drive the digital transformation of Thales customers globally and help build a future we can all trust. », emphasizes Siegfried Usal, Vice-President, Digital Innovation, and Managing Director, Thales Digital Solutions.

In a unique collaboration model within Centech’s world-class open innovation ecosystem, start-ups will cultivate skills to seize their potential and become agents of transformation in their markets, while Thales will bring new technologies and trusted AI solutions to its customers, underlines the French group.

To date, Thales has successfully completed three seasons of AI@Centech, proving its ability to build reliable solutions with emerging collaborations. These include Aiko, which implements AI-based software to automate space missions; MyDataModels, which provides AI-driven design and predictive modeling capabilities from small datasets for Thales applications; and AIR (AI Redefined), which provides a unique set of human AI training tools in the open-heart loop for collaborative autonomy in the defense and aerospace industries.

Over the past five years, Thales has invested more than €7 billion in four key digital technologies: AI, connectivity, big data and cybersecurity. It has more than 200 AI experts spread across the globe, and Montreal is home to one of Thales’ three Digital Factories accelerating the digital potential for Thales’ core business and for its customers.

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Thales supports innovation in artificial intelligence with the fourth season of the AI@CENTECH program –

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