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HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The inauguration of the International Orthodontic Foundation (IOF) and the first IOF International Symposium will be held from June 3-5, 2022. The event will be streamed online and available all over the world.

The theme of the symposium will be “Innovation and Transformation in Orthodontics – Looking to the Future: Advances in Research and Clinical Practice”. The event aims to build on the present and look to the future of the profession to guide orthodontists in their practice.

The conference will bring together 15 world experts and bring a wonderful academic exchange in the field of orthodontics. The two chairs, Professor Ravindra Nanda, Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Orthodontics and Adjunct Professor, Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, USA; and Professor Zhihe Zhao from the Department of Orthodontics, Huaxi Stomatology Hospital, Sichuan University, will deliver their keynote speeches during the symposium.

The International Orthodontic Foundation is jointly initiated by CareCapital Investment group and 11 world experts in the field of orthodontics.

The founding members of the IOF Expert Committee come from North America, Europe and Asia and operate according to international standards and practices. IOF is committed to becoming an academic source with world-class standards, global perspectives and in-depth service for orthodontists.

As an independent international not-for-profit organization focused on the fields of orthodontics, IOF aims to promote continuing education, encourage technological innovation and transformation, enhance global academic exchange and sharing, and to provide research grants. The coordinated development of the dental industry will actively improve global oral health.

In many developing countries, the disparity between need and supply in orthodontics is growing. The IOF believes that providing high quality orthodontic treatment to a large patient population requires effort on many fronts. First of all, IOF experts hope to impart their valuable academic knowledge and clinical experiences, which will be a direct way to promote the future development of orthodontics. Second, by continuously increasing the development and standardization of new techniques, materials and tools can effectively improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, simplify clinical procedures and improve patient satisfaction. The third is an extended connection, which requires the establishment of a knowledge exchange mechanism in the global orthodontic industry. Also promote interoperability and cooperation between academia and the orthodontic industry to help bring academic research in orthodontics to market. This international chain of custody will benefit patients around the world.

This status quo and these challenges initiated the founding of the IOF and inspired this conference. The first IOF symposium to be held online June 3-5 and will focus on key issues in the development of orthodontics. From different points of view experts and professors will give a presentation to jointly explore solutions. The IOF will also announce its official inauguration during this event and at the same time launch the first round of applications for its research grant: IOF Research Grants. This program provides opportunities for innovative research in the world of orthodontics and the promotion of international collaboration in innovation.

The symposium consists of four main topics:

First, the conference chairman, Dr. Ravindra Nanda, editor-in-chief of “Progress in orthodontics”, Dr. Nikhilesh R. Vaid, president of the “World Federation of Orthodontists” and Professor Zuolin Jin of the fourth Military Medical University of China will jointly discuss “Biomechanics and treatments of clear aligners”;

For the second subject, Dr. Theodore Eliades, professor and director of the clinic for orthodontics and pediatric dentistry at the University of Zurich; Dr. Bjorn Ludwig, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Saarland University, and Professor Fang Bing, Director, Department of Orthodontics, Ninth Affiliated People’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine will discuss “applications of the current 3D technique in orthodontics”;

Third, the topic: “Orthodontic Treatments vs. Orthognathic Surgeries” will be discussed by Dr. Peter Ngan, Head of the Department of Orthodontics at West Virginia University, and Prof. Weiran Li, Head of the Department of Orthodontics at the Peking University.

Finally, Dr. Ching-Chang Ko, chair of the department of orthodontics, Ohio State University; Prof. Yuxin Bai, Dean of Beijing Stomatology Hospital and Beijing Capital University Faculty of Dentistry; and Professor Zhihe Zhao, President of Huaxi Stomatology Hospital Affiliated with Sichuan University, will discuss the topic: “Artificial Intelligence Technology”.

During the symposium, Professor Ravinera Nanda’s presentation will be entitled “Is Acceleration of Orthodontic Tooth Movement Possible?” Failures and Success? and Prof. Zhihe Zhao’s will be “Establishment of intelligent orthodontic diagnosis and treatment system.” Also, Dr. Kang (Eric) Ting, Professor from the Forsyth Research Institute in Cambridge, USA, will also give a detailed introduction to the “IOF Research Grants”.

Interested orthodontists and clinicians are invited to attend the first IOF International Symposium on Orthodontics. In collaboration with the world’s leading academic experts, this event will discuss advances in international orthodontics and provide insight into future global trends in the field. Adhering to the goal of promoting academic exchange between East and West and promoting technological innovation in the industry, IOF hopes to become a dedicated partner of clinicians to create value and build the future. whole.

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The 1st International Orthodontic Symposium of IOF will be held in Shanghai in June – Chine Magazine

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