The last bus, the new sensational series not to be missed on Netflix

If you are a sci-fi lover with a mix of apocalyptic drama this Netflix series is for you.

The scenario is based on a school trip. A group of super-smart teenagers go on a school field trip to witness the launch of robots capable of cleaning up trash from the earth. They are called “Orbs” and are created by tech expert Dalton Monkhouse (played by Robert Sheehan).

He presents his controlled creations capable of depolluting the environment thanks to artificial intelligence. Unfortunately these robots turn against humans and begin to eliminate them. The group of young students manage to escape on an old school bus.

Similar cases of disappearance occur across the world. The young students escape the worst and return home. Once home, they make the horrifying discovery of the disappearance of all their parents and everyone in their town. So they decide to investigate.

They set out to find scientist Dalton Monkhouse to find out what happened to the family. This new sci-fi series tells the story of this adventure between vengeful robots and the threat of extinction triggered by the robots’ will to rid the environment of humans. Mystery, adventure, humor, this series has something to carry you away with an ecological message.

A series that aims to be as entertaining as it is ecological

The creators of the series said that The Last Bus, from its original title, is not only entertainment for teenagers, but also conveys an important message. “A powerful eco-fable about how the younger generation must be empowered to make very different choices than the generation before them when it comes to these two great challenges of our time: environmental disruption and extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence..”.

Young faces on screen

When the series was announced last month, there was very little casting information. All we knew was that new faces had been selected. But now we know for sure that the series, which has been online since April 1 on the Netflix streaming platform, carries young actors new and old.

Produced by British studio Wildseed Studios and created by Paul Neafcy, it is made up of 10 30-minute episodes. We find young British actors such as Daniel Frogson interprets Tom, Moosa Mostafa interprets Nas, Phoebe de Silva plays the role of Sophie, Lauryn Ajufo is Misha, Carys John (Bethan), Marlie Morrelle (Chelsea) and Curtis Kantsa (Danny) , Nathanael Saleh (Josh), Tom Basden (Mr. Short)…

A possible second season?

No information appears so far on the continuation of this series. The last bus is recommended for children 7 years and older. Several challenges await our heroes in this season.

A morning chaos that follows a struggle for survival and unexpected new alliances. Then come the incidents that force the gang to change plans. The group of young people will even face hunger in the early morning.

They will have to fight frightening creatures from the shadows. They will even face the vagaries of group stories. Uncertainty, betrayal, desperation, self-searching and a boost in self-confidence will cause the gang to set in motion a plan to finally get to Doctor Monkhouse’s private mansion. They will make shocking revelations there.

The possibility of a second season is strong given the huge potential of the first season.

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The last bus, the new sensational series not to be missed on Netflix

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