The threat of quantum computers will never worry Bitcoin?

Schrödinger’s bitcoin – The argument ofquantum computer which could destroy Bitcoin (BTC) is almost as old as cryptocurrency itself. We’ve been talking about it for years in the cryptosphere, and nothing really concrete is coming. And it may well last a long time, long time. Enough to leave cryptos all the time to adapt ?

Quantum computer: theory put to the test of practice

Developed in 1977 by Ronald Rivest, Adi SHamir and Leonard ATdleman, the RSA encryption (from the initials of the names of its three inventors) is notably the basis of all cryptocurrencies comprising a wallet for which a key public (encrypted) and a private key (decrypted).

In the review Technology Review of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the physicist Sankar Das Sarma – expert in quantum information theory – explains to us that the quantum computers are still a long way from being able to decipher the algorithms related to cryptocurrencies.

the “qubit” represents the smallest unit of quantum information storage (similar to the bit in classical computing). According to Sankar Das Sarma, applied research has covered, at best, only1/100,000th path towards the possibility of breaking the RSA cipher:

“The most advanced quantum computers today have tens of qubits (…) Building a quantum computer capable of cracking RSA codes from such components would require millions, even billions of qubits. Only a few tens of thousands of them would be used for the calculation itself (logical qubits); but the rest would be needed for error correction, to compensate for decoherence. »

It will take time for a quantum computer to decipher the algorithms related to cryptocurrencies.

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A little like the buzz words “metaverse” and “NFT” from the cryptosphere, quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are very sellers to their simple evocation. A state of affairs described by the researcher:

“I’m as pro-quantum computing as you can get (…) But I’m troubled by the hype quantum computing is getting these days, especially when it comes to asserting how it will be marketed. »

Although large technology companies such asAlphabet (google), Amazon or Microsoft are trying to develop quantum computers, all these first experiments are for the moment “highly specialized, and without any commercial value”.

Professor Sankar Das Sarma recalls that it took, for example 60 years between the invention of the first transistor (1947) and that of the first smart phone (2007). In this interval separating theory from practice, which could therefore potentially last for decadescryptocurrency and blockchain network projects are not sitting idle, and are working on resistance to these quantum decipherings.

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The threat of quantum computers will never worry Bitcoin?

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