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Visual effects experts from
disney claim to have developed an artificial intelligence technology capable of visually aging and rejuvenating actors faster, cheaper and more accurately than any current methods. In a
research paper published on Wednesday, the team describes its IA Face Re-aging Network (FRAN), as ”
the first convenient, fully automatic, production-ready method for aging faces

The current technique for artificially aging performers, using 2D painting, ”
requires manual frame-by-frame work that can take days
“, add the researchers. And existing methods to automate the process”
typically suffer from loss of face ID, poor resolution, and choppy results on subsequent video frames

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With the success of film franchises, aging and rejuvenation effects have become increasingly popular with directors. This is the case for example for the next
Indiana Jones 5 or the technique served to rejuvenate Harrison Ford.

But this magic trick is neither easy nor always successful. Thus, making Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci look younger in the movie The Irishman (2019) cost an exorbitant price, reports
Engadget. And the attempt to age Jeff Bridges over a quarter of a century for the movie Tron: Legacy of 2010 has been described as ” hilarious “.

The main problem, explain the researchers of
disneyis that collecting enough images of aging people to successfully train an AI was “ almost impossible to achieve “. So they used StyleGAN2, a program that creates artificial faces, to produce thousands of examples of people between the ages of 18 and 85. Using this data, they were able to develop algorithms for how appearances typically change over time, such as wrinkles appearing and jawlines starting to sag. This simple, intuitive technology “gives artists localized control and creative freedom to direct and fine-tune the weathering effect,” the Disney team explains.

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She feels the results are good enough that a film or TV production team could leverage FRAN to present an aged or outdated performer with a variety of expressions, using multiple lighting conditions and viewpoints. . article adapted by CNETFrance

Picture: Disney Research Studios

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This Disney AI can make actors look younger or older – CNET France

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