Tunisian Finance Days 2022: For a resilient Tunisian financial system in the digital age

The association RECONNECTT, organizes the second edition of the Tunisian days of finance- Tunisian Finance Days 2022November 3 and 4, 2022.

The new edition will be held in Tunis and in a hybrid version around the theme: “Better resilience of the Tunisian financial system to changes and ruptures”. Its two major axes are the digitization of the financial industry and the emergence of sustainable finance.

The program for the 2022 edition includes two round tables. The first marks the opening of the conference on Thursday 03/11. It is dedicated to Tunisia. The theme chosen is that of a resilient Tunisian financial system in the digital era and sustainable finance. The objective is to bring together economic policy makers, experts, professionals and academics to discuss ways to consolidate the resilience of the financial system in the face of crises and fundamental ruptures. The focus is on two significant constraints of recent years, namely digital transformation and sustainable finance. Three panelists have confirmed their participation in the opening roundtable:

  • Hédi LARBI, Former Minister of Equipment, Regional Planning and Sustainable Development, Professor of Political Science in Paris (France) and Associate Professor at Harvard Kennedy School Gov (USA)
  • Hanen BEN AYED, Senior ESG Reporting Expert, Key Values, France
  • Karim HAJJAJI, Global Chief Operating Officer, Banco Santander, UK

The second round table scheduled for Friday 04/11 offers a holistic reading of the transformations in the world of finance. By emphasizing the inevitable cohabitation between digital finance and sustainable finance, the panelists will explore ways to create synergies between the two developments. The objective is to lay the groundwork for a solid, stable international financial system that serves the real economy and the well-being of stakeholders. The three experts participating in the second round table are:

  • Imen BEN SLIMENE, Associate Professor, University of Haute Alsace, France
  • Nebras JEMEL, Co-Founder at Kaoun, Tunisia

Tunisian experts are also taking part in the Tunisian Finance Days 2022: Thus, Hana JOUILI (ELYADATA- Tunisia) will present the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the financial industry, while Selma TURKI (EY, UAE), will analyze the inherent risks of AI in finance. At the same time, Aymen KAROUI (Sustainalytics, Canada), will speak on the theme of Fintechs and responsible investment and Imène BEN REJEB-MZAH (BNP Paribas- France) will present the role of data science in achieving climate objectives.

Among the participating scholars, include Dr. Imène BEN SLIMENE from the University of Haute Alsace who will speak on the theme of extra-financial information and the effects of mandatory ESG reporting. For his part, Dr. Wissem AJILI BEN YOUSSEF from ESLSCA Paris Business School will explain the role of extra-financial rating agencies in the consolidation of ESG criteria.

The 2022 edition of the Tunisian Finance Days will be held in Tunis, an opportunity for Tunisian professionals, academics and students to follow, understand and participate in the transformations of the world of finance.

In addition, four ladies of finance in Tunisia will be honored at the 2022 session, namely: Prof. Nadia ABAOUB, Prof. Olfa BENOUDA SIOUD, Prof. Dorra MEZZEZ HMAIED and Mrs. Mona SAIED

Compared to the first edition, the Tunisian Finance Days 2022 have expanded the panels to internationally renowned participants: thus, Amnah AJMAL (MEA for Mastercard) will address the theme of digital transformation, partnership with fintechs and leadership in finance. For her part, Barbara BIRO (SureFire Capital, UAE) will analyze the digital banking business model. While Prof. Galina HALE (University of California Santa Cruz, USA) will discuss the effects of climate risks on international finance.

The Tunisian Finance Days:

The founding principle of the Finance Days is the meeting of Tunisian skills in Tunisia and abroad to decipher the issues and challenges of a finance in transformation.

The first edition of the Tunisian Finance Days was marked by the predominance of the theme of digital transformation and the impact of big data on the various players in the financial sphere. Certainly, the second edition is in the same line. Nevertheless, the new edition is differentiated by the integration of the sustainable dimension of finance. Thus, a great opening on green and sustainable finance will be on the agenda this year.

From the first session, RECONNECT has set itself the ambition of putting an end to the compartmentalization of the academic world and practitioners and of creating synergies and complementarities between the two approaches to finance. The event is a look at the world of finance in Tunisia and around the world. It brings together decision-makers, experts and academics in finance around the challenges and issues of the financial industry.

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Tunisian Finance Days 2022: For a resilient Tunisian financial system in the digital age

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