US ‘privately accepted fate’, China to take Taiwan after allowing ‘decades of arms buildup’, expert says – Reuters News in France and abroad

The United States is privately agreeing to China taking Taiwan after allowing a buildup of weapons in the region for decades, a former US Air Force officer warns.

Brigadier General Robert Spalding III (retired) fears there is no way for Washington and its allies to protect Taiwan from Beijing’s aggression.

The United States privately agrees that China will take Taiwan, Brigadier General Robert Spalding III told The Sun
Expert says there’s no way Washington and its allies can protect the island amid Beijing’s war gamesCredit: Getty

He told The Sun: “We have allowed too many weapons to be built in this area of ​​the (Taiwan) strait.

“Taiwan’s fate is a foregone conclusion and officials in Washington accept it privately. »

Spalding predicts that China will invade Taiwan within five years.

“We must recognize that China has the most powerful military in the Indo-Pacific region and at any time it can enter Taiwan. »

China's bomb test reveals
The United States and China are moving towards a

China views Taiwan as a province that will eventually revert to mainland rule, but the island retains its independence.

The United States recognized Taiwan for 30 years, but changed its strategy in 1979 when Washington established diplomatic relations with the mainland Chinese communist government.

Spalding says Beijing is decoupling its economy before considering launching an attack.

He added, “The Chinese want to be able to have an economic relationship that is not subject to dollar diplomacy, which means they cannot be cut off from the American financial system.”

Russia has been hit with crippling sanctions after pro-Putin troops launched their invasion of Ukraine last month.

Spalding doesn’t think China will suffer the same fate in the event of a potential invasion.

Meanwhile, geopolitical pundit Brandon J Weichert lambasted elites in Washington, accusing politicians of “averting their eyes from the proverbial ball” amid the Ukraine crisis.

He said: “As we focus on this war, China is taking the lead in the critical area of ​​high technology.

“This will inevitably allow China to supplant the United States as the world’s hegemon by 2049, as Xi plans to make the country the world’s dominant power rather than the United States. »

Defense Ministry officials said Beijing aims to accomplish “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” by 2049, according to a December 2021 report.

They added that the elites want to “shift US alliances” and “overhaul the international order” so that it is aligned with China’s interests.

Beijing’s leaders are determined to build a world-class military so that it can “fight and win wars” against a “strong” enemy, the report reveals.


State media claimed that Chinese researchers had developed an artificial intelligence system capable of designing hypersonic weapons.

Sichuan scientists said the system could identify most of the shock waves produced during hypersonic wind tunnel testing, the South China Morning Post reported.

Apparently, the system required no training to operate.

Professor Le Jialing, who led the research, said the human brain cannot keep up with the “rapid pace of development of hypersonic technology”.

China has been building up its defense for decades, and officials see hypersonic advances as a source of national pride.

At a recent military parade, Beijing displayed its own Dongfeng 17, a rocket-powered hypersonic glider vehicle.

Commentators say there is a rivalry between the US and China over hypersonic missiles – a claim that Spalding disputes.

He said, “I don’t know if there is a rivalry because China is so far ahead. It’s not even close.


Space Force General David Thompson previously warned at a Halifax International Security Forum event in November: “We are not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs. »

Beijing reportedly tested a hypersonic weapon in Earth orbit in July, and a second missile was launched during the same test, according to reports in the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The missile landed “harmlessly” in the South China Sea.

But, the test left Washington officials scrambling as they were caught off guard.

Spalding believes another Cold War is underway involving the United States and China amid the battle between authoritarianism and freedom.

He said: “There is going to be this ideological narrative that is going to be fought in the cyber realm. »

He warned that the United States was in danger of losing Cold War 2.0.

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He said: “The next ten years will be very critical. If you see the rise of authoritarianism in the West, then you could very well see a world where China is the dominant power.

Robert Spalding III is a retired United States Air Force Brigadier General and author of Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept.

Geopolitical expert Brandon J Weichert accused Washington DC politicians of 'taking their eyes off the ball'
Geopolitical expert Brandon J Weichert accused Washington DC politicians of ‘taking their eyes off the ball’Credit: Reuters
President Xi wants to accomplish the
President Xi wants to accomplish China’s ‘great rejuvenation’ by 2049, US defense officials sayCredit: Getty
China's hypersonic missile tests last year caught Washington off guard
China’s hypersonic missile tests last year caught Washington off guardCredit: US Navy

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US ‘privately accepted fate’, China to take Taiwan after allowing ‘decades of arms buildup’, expert says – Reuters News in France and abroad

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