Video analysis and artificial intelligence at the heart of Massy’s Smart City development

We talk about a proximity policy tool because it allows us to respond concretely, quickly and in an informed manner to the concerns raised by our constituents, thanks to optimized sensors. underlines LEBEAUPIN. ” The inhabitants of Massy are now clearly aware of the “Smart” benefits of the triptych of video protection cameras, associated with XXII’s AI and the human eye “. In the supervision center (CSU) 6 video protection operators are responsible for optimizing the work of its 22 municipal agents

Several city services have been associated with the intelligent modernization of the video protection service: technical services for counting the use of cycle paths, analysis of new forms of mobility, analysis of traffic during peak hours; the Heritage service for the management and anticipation of problems of intrusion or abnormality in municipal buildings (lighting off, effective closure, etc.), as well as the Sports service to quantify the number of people on the large-scale sporting events in order to better organize their supervision. Others might also be interested in the ability of this system to analyze what it sees and send the data to the relevant departments.

From the beginning, we envisaged the camera, certainly as a video sensor, but which must be used for many other things. This is why XXII’s technology was designed to be shared from the start with us. Finally, this life-size test allowed us to open up the field of possibilities for all departments and to awaken them to the power given by AI to protection cameras. “, says Régis LEBEAUPIN with satisfaction

From now on, the supervision of the city of Massy, ​​boosted with Artificial Intelligence, makes it possible to detect unauthorized dumping, which is numerous in the Paris region, and to alert when a vehicle parks to deposit its waste. It also makes it possible to better manage violations of the Highway Code, which have been on the rise in recent years (cars traveling in the wrong direction, unauthorized parking, etc.) as well as intrusion detection in public buildings.

Our ambition is to restructure the Urban Supervision Center of the city of Massy in order to centralize all smart services at its heart “, concludes the head of security. “However, there is no question of thinking about the city of tomorrow by taking inspiration from Orwell’s 1984 or Minority Report! Whatever happens, there will always be human interpretation and arbitration before triggering an action”.

For Massy, ​​automation is designed for the benefit of agents, allowing them to maintain control while being freed from time-consuming tasks with low added value. This is also the promise of XXII, ” that of placing the Human at the center of the final decision and guaranteeing an ethical use of AI “.

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Video analysis and artificial intelligence at the heart of Massy’s Smart City development

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