Villefranche: a 100% female entrepreneurial challenge at Lycée Louis-Armand

Innovatech is a 100% female challenge which is in its seventh year, initiated by the Region and in which students from Lycée Louis-Armand and other regional establishments participated, Thursday April 14th. The principle: teams of five to seven people, made up of high school girls, students and sponsors from industry who, for five hours, imagine projects related to the imposed themes such as the sustainable city, the transport of tomorrow, smart food, tomorrow’s school or tomorrow’s business and work.

The winners of the competition.

This major competition highlights female entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Several high schools were represented including Ferdinand-Buisson from Voiron, Elie-Cartan from La Tour-du-Pin and therefore Louis-Armand.

An award-winning mobile app idea

After five hours of research and development, the participants presented their project to a jury of experts who determined the winning team that will represent the region in the national final to be held in Paris-Bercy. , Thursday, May 19. The big winner of the first prize is the project “With Jobber, find your happiness”. An idea for a mobile recruitment application intended to reduce inequalities and which connects the project of a company and the skills of a jobbeuse. “It is the most successful project and which is applicable quickly”the jury said.

The team is made up of Audékie Brauge and Malorie Stripoli, from the Ferdinand-Buisson high school in Voiron, Marie Mathurin, a student in the preparatory class integrated into the ECE, Émeline Tersou and Constance Martinet, second year students at the Lycée Louis- Armand, associated with two godmothers, Cécile Morellini from GRDF and Sonia Chuzeville from Thalesgroup. “It’s so great, the godmothers are great and we have a dynamic team, I’m having fun”rejoiced Émeline Tersou.

Ecology, artificial intelligence and medical monitoring

The jury also named their favorite with the “Ecol’ogique” project. The latter presents the different solutions to be implemented in an establishment for the recycling of waste. Among the other proposals, the participants imagined “Argos”, an application to help students in difficulty, “Écocity” and its ecological solutions for the apartment, “Emot IA” and its virtual headset to humanize artificial intelligence in the everyday life and “Carefully”, a program with a robot, Maria, which assists people with their medical follow-up at home.

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The jury designated the first prize, as well as a favourite.

The mayor of Villefranche, Thomas Ravier, had made the trip for the occasion. The jury was made up of Marc Flecher, principal of Lycée Louis-Armand, Muriel Blanc, elected deputy mayor of Villefranche, Élodie Goncalves, founder of Active and Co, Judith Hector Danière, director of human resources for Europe EFI Automotive group, Aline Bogner from Thales and Rémi Béaur, Thales IT department manager.

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Villefranche: a 100% female entrepreneurial challenge at Lycée Louis-Armand

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