[ZephirProject] Antoine Albeau will carry out new tests on the water, in May!

After carrying out the first gear tests on Tuesday November 30 at La Palme/Leucate, Antoine Albeau and Marc Amerigo are preparing to set the stage again this month of May, as part of the project to break the absolute world speed record at the sailing (65.45 knots – 121 km/h).

Five months after their promising tests of the first board prototypes, Antoine Albeau and Marc Amerigo (accompanied by their young foal Peter Schmitz) are about to go back to coal. Those who intend to build the windsurfing of the future, and break the absolute world speed sailing record, will soon set sail for La Palme/Leucate.

A corner where the man with 25 world titles in windsurfing and his partner from the Zephir project had carried out conclusive tests at the end of November in conditions that were nevertheless more than complicated, as Marc Amerigo told us at the time.

Testing gear in such a hostile environment, with badly oriented wind, was super interesting. The cold was polar and the sailing conditions extreme, with a very very downwind the first day, you couldn’t even tack to go up. The Rouet spot was smashed due to Marin storms just before, there were sandbanks moving in all directions. There was no clean line on the spot, you couldn’t even pass by the beach! Antoine was impressive and exemplary, he never gave up…”

As a reminder, FRA-192 had sailed for around 2h30 “in test mode”, trying out a rather speed-oriented windfoil board, a speed board with a fin and with a new hull concept, or trying out different foil configurations.


For these new sea trials, which should take place during the month of May depending on the weather window, the ambitions are clear: to store as much big data as possible, in other words to collect as much data as possible, which will then be analyzed by experts. in Artificial Intelligence.

Antoine will be sailing with lots of different configurations: we will be setting up different sails including the new Zephir prototypes, different boards, different foils and sets of foils with all the different types of trim. We will also see the influence of a jumpsuit on Antoine, with the helmet and the appendages », lists Marc Amerigo. ” We have received the latest prototypes, we have modified the board prototypes following the November tests, we have received new foil prototypes… Everything is operational! »

On land, the thinking heads of the ZephirProject will be able to rely on a team of engineers managing a calculation simulator, which will allow them to know the top speed and the stability of the whole (foil, board, sail), according to each flight configuration with which Antoine Albeau will sail. Enough to guarantee busy days!


It’s gonna be super intenseconfirm Marc Amerigo. ” We are going to carry out the tests with a boat that will follow us at sea. The gear configurations will be planned in advance, we have perhaps 20 different ones. Each time, we put the configuration in place, Antoine goes on the water, he comes back, we debrief, we have his feelings…. Everything is recorded, we will have a set of videos, calculation simulations, on-board cameras which will then allow us to dig into the data that we will have generated. »

If there is no specific ambition in terms of speed for Antoine Albeau – for example, passing 40 knots on a foil – there is no doubt that the “Colosse de l’Ile de Ré” (world speed record holder in windsurfing, let’s remember, with an average of 53.27 knots over 500m) intends to go fast in Occitania!

It should also be noted that the members of the Zephir Project, in the midst of looking for sponsors, have decided to revisit their sponsorship approach, which now starts at €3,000.

Sponsoring our project therefore becomes accessible to all, we wish to constitute a large pole of partners. do not hesitate to contact us ! “, spear Marc Amerigo.

The message got through!

Photo credit: Richard Bord


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[ZephirProject] Antoine Albeau will carry out new tests on the water, in May!

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