Zyro: How to create your website easily?

Zyro helps you build your website very easily

Do you have a website project and don’t know where to start? Zyro offers you several turnkey solutions adapted to your needs. The brand has, on its own website, a multitude of tools to create your personalized web page.

If you want to set up a blog, a portfolio, an online CV or even launch your e-commerce site, Zyro helps you every step of the way. No need to have special knowledge in design, coding or to call on a webmaster or a webdesigner. Everything is done in a few clicks by following these five very simple steps:

  • First choose a template. Zyro offers more than a hundred different site templates. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your personal style and also reflects its content ergonomically. Visitors to your site should understand at a glance where they are and what they can do on your page.
  • This is the second step: the personalization of the site. Because the template is only a base on which you will rely to create your universe. It’s up to you to move the elements with the mouse, modify the fonts, the color, the background, the images, etc. You also need to feed your site with text: product descriptions if you are making a merchant site, CVs, blog pages, in-depth articles, etc. Do not hesitate to create several pages linked to each other. Zyro allows you to create a complete and interactive site where it is easy to navigate.
  • Third step: give your site a unique identity. If you’re building a brand or want to give your site a recognizable style: Zyro has you covered. These are tools using artificial intelligence to help you create a logo, a typography: in short, a visual identity. Based on existing models of success, Zyro’s AI tools help you generate titles, slogans, content, but also crop images or even clip them to do what you want.
  • Fourth step: the domain name. This is the name and address of your site. By subscribing to Zyro you will be entitled to a free year of domain name. And the site helps you with the steps to file yours. If you already have one, you can, at this time of creation, attach it to your brand new site.
  • The fifth step is the simplest: publication. Zyro puts your site online and offers you a range of tools to monitor and improve traffic on it. Depending on the formula chosen at the time of your subscription, you will have different accesses and will thus be able to optimize your site according to the advice given.

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Zyro offers three subscription plans depending on the type of site to be developed:

  • First of all, there is the “Website” formula. It is ideal for any personal or non-commercial project. Usually it is 9.90€ per month, but entering the code “20 MINUTES” you can benefit from it for only €4.41/month the first year. This also gives you access to your personalized domain name for one year, a professional email address and 24/7 customer service.
  • Then, the “Business” formula is aimed at merchants embarking on e-commerce. The usual price is €13.90/month and it increases to €5.31/month thanks to the promo code “20MINUTES”. This formula gives you access to the same advantages with, in addition, the possibility of selling 100 products on your site and access to more than 20 payment methods for your customers.
  • Finally, the “Advanced Store” formula is the most complete, for seasoned merchants. It goes to €14.31/month instead of €29.90/month the first year thanks to the code “20 MINUTES”. This allows you to sell 2,500 products on your account with more than 70 payment methods and in all languages. If a customer has an outstanding cart, you can remind them of it in order to complete the sale. And it is even possible to sell your products on Amazon and eBay.

In addition, for any subscription, Zyro offers you three months free in addition to the domain name. Please note that these benefits are only available for an annual subscription and not on a monthly plan. And if you are not convinced, you benefit from a period of 30 days during which you can be refunded without conditions.

Here is what to remember about the Zyro solution to create your website:

  • There are three formulas adapted to your needs.
  • Promo code “20 MINUTES” offers a reduction of more than 50% during the first year with 3 months free.
  • You are satisfied or refunded during the first 30 days of use.

Do not hesitate to test Zyro and its multiple functionalities in order to create a website that resembles you in substance and form. It’s accessible, practical and many guides are available on the site to help you move forward.

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Zyro: How to create your website easily?

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