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Digital is taking an increasingly important place in our lives, which is why a collective of more than 80 elected officials, entrepreneurs, engineers, etc. is asking for the creation of a fully-fledged digital ministry.

With Emmanuel Macron’s inauguration for his second term coming soon — which will lead to the appointment of a new prime minister and government — and legislative elections looming on the horizon, different players in the digital world call on the President and his future government to “provide the country with the institutional means of a strong strategic digital policy” through a grandstand.

Digital will be more and more present in our lives

Digital is an integral part of our lives today and it is increasingly difficult to live without having recourse to it for one reason or another. Many administrative procedures are now done online, for example, and it is difficult to do it “the old fashioned way”, which leads to societal change.

This preponderance of digital is however only the beginnings of a revolution that began three decades ago, as the collective reminds us. And yet this is only the beginning, and the rise of new uses (artificial intelligence, Metavers, quantum computing, crypto-assets, etc.) “promise to further disrupt our uses, our economies and our societies”.

But if these are the good sides of technology, threats appear or grow bigger as new tools like “large-scale manipulation of information or cyberwars”and other threats may appear later in the future, the signatories note.

Faced with these different challenges, it therefore seems necessary today to create a Ministry of Digital rather than calling on Secretaries of State for Digital who “have successively acquired growing importance in governments, in public opinion, and with the authorities of the European Union”.

The tribune adds that “These pioneers have effectively paved the way to help the country take advantage of this revolution and to provide political responses to the new problems caused by the Internet and digital technology. We must recognize them for having been able to do it with means that are far too limited in relation to the challenges to be faced”.

Especially since the digital “already represents 6% of gross domestic product with 150 billion euros in annual expenditure and nearly one million salaried jobs” and it intersects with many cross-cutting subjects, such as sovereignty.

A cross-sectional view on many topics

For the signatories, this Ministry of Digital will have to oversee “the ethical, geostrategic, energy, employment, training and inclusion issues related to digital, and will reduce the digital divide”. This last part is already being absorbed little by little, but the ministry will have to ensure that “coherent and rapid deployment of next-generation networks and infrastructures” as well as the digital transformation of the State, while responding to the new challenges of regional planning.

In addition, the ministry will have “for a mission to support the growth of our young digital companies” ensuring that they are no longer “technologically and commercially dependent on non-European companies”especially since the question is becoming more and more significant with the emergence of many French unicorns which raise a lot of funds.

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A group calls for the creation of a digital ministry – alloforfait.fr

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