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The Society of Saint Pius X offers a Thomist session from July 15 to 17, 2022 in Châteauroux (36)

Agenda Saint Thomas Aquinas Session 2022 FSSPX Riposte catholique.webpAnnual realistic thinking training session

  • Your questions do not find answers?
  • Want to learn to think well?
  • Would you like to understand the root causes of today’s major problems?
  • Are you looking for an analysis of modern thought, adapted to your level of knowledge?

Today more than ever, right thinking is an imperative. The Catholic Church has never ceased to recommend, through the voice of the popes, the study of the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, guarantee of a sure and balanced judgement. The thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas is today the best defense of society and the Church against the ideologies that threaten them!

This is why the Saint Thomas Aquinas Association proposes to initiate and train people who ask themselves the above questions to the realist philosophy, at the school of the angelic doctor. The association is aimed at anyone wishing to learn, even a beginner, without any prerequisites.

The Saint Thomas Aquinas Session

Each year, the association organizes this Session Saint Thomas Aquinas which lasts three days. Current issues are presented and deciphered in their deep mechanisms. Then the Thomist answer is given from the angle of philosophy, and finally completed by the gaze of theology.

Why register for this session?

“The cause of the evils which overwhelm us, as of those which threaten us, consists in the fact that erroneous opinions on divine and human things have little by little insinuated themselves into the philosophical schools. (…) The great doctor [Saint Thomas d’Aquin] has arrived at this double result, of repelling by itself all the errors of former times, and of furnishing invincible weapons to dissipate those which will not fail to arise in the future. (Leo XIII, Encyclical Aeterni patris of August 4, 1879)

Saint Thomas Aquinas took philosophy and theology to the pinnacle of human intelligence. In his doctrine are the principles of response to all the great human questions. “In a single year, we profit more by reading the writings of St. Thomas, than we would do by studying for a whole life the doctrine of other theologians. » (John XXII, Bull of canonization of Saint Thomas Aquinas, July 18, 1323)

In three days, the session explores in depth and in an accessible way three contemporary issues:

  • their causes,
  • their remedies by a return to realist philosophy,
  • the deepening of reflection in the light of Revelation.

2022 program

• Study of an article from the theological summa
• Can intelligence be artificial?
• Intelligence, gift of the Holy Spirit
• Study of totalitarianism
• The totalitarian drift of democracy: Tocqueville
• Freedom behind bars
• The Apocalypse: the key to the story
• Workshops on morality: bioethical laws, PMA, etc…
• The goodness of the human act

Information and registration

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Agenda: Saint Thomas Aquinas Session 2022 (FSSPX) – Riposte-catholique

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