AI-powered chatbots: what benefits for customer service?

Since AI has enriched their technology, chatbots have become an increasingly indispensable tool for customer service. A booming market.

When the chatbots appeared, they consisted of simple question-and-answer systems configured according to the keywords frequently used by users. Due to still rudimentary technology, public reception of these early chatbots has been rather mixed.

Since then, theartificial intelligence (IA) came to enrich the solutions, opening the way to new possibilities. Today’s latest generation chatbots no longer use a virtual system of conversation scripts, but thanks to machine learning and natural language understanding, they offer users an increasingly spontaneous dialogue, almost similar to interaction with a human being.

What is an AI-powered chatbot?

A chatbot is a virtual assistance window that appears to ask the Internet user if he needs help in his search for information. Once contact is established, the chatbot is able to initiate the conversation, analyze the request and respond with the most relevant results. If the first bots had to follow predefined scripts, today, thanks to AI, they rely on knowledge bases that are continuously and automatically updated. This is the principle of machine learning: a technology that differs from simple automation to constantly feed its data sources with new information.

In addition, AI-powered chatbots collect information about user behaviors and, thanks to advanced data analysis, they make decisions based on the users’ intentions in complete autonomy, which allows for personalized interaction. Two very well-known examples of a service using machine learning and natural language understanding are Siri and Alexa: the more these chatbots are used, the more information is analyzed and the more relevant their answers are.

But what are the practical benefits of adopting an AI-powered chatbot for customer relationship services? And why is it worth investing in this type of solution today?

The benefits of smart chatbots

It may seem obvious, but the first benefit is 24/7 availability. Second, because of their immediate access to information on the web and to organizational knowledge bases, chatbots can answer questions much faster than a human, regardless of the number of users connected. Advisor teams can optimize their time and improve the overall quality of service: agents take care of more complex issues, while bots intelligently sort incoming requests, escalating questions to humans not able to answer.

Today, a chatbot looks a lot like a real advisor, it is even able to answer most questions immediately and sometimes with more precision. If mistrust persists among some users, the use of AI-powered robots also has advantages from the user’s point of view for the benefit of the customer experience. This alliance between human and artificial intelligence represents a major trend in the technological and organizational evolution of customer service.

Artificial intelligence and chatbot: a booming market

According to estimates, artificial intelligence is expected to generate $15.7 trillion in the global economy by 2030 and the chatbot market, which thanks to this technology has become an increasingly indispensable tool for customer service , could reach $9.4 billion by 2024.

Although robots are not yet capable of replacing a real conversation with a human being, they still have considerable advantages and, given the technological advances expected in the coming years, this is only the beginning of a revolution. in how to design and deploy customer service.

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AI-powered chatbots: what benefits for customer service?

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