Artificial intelligence: deploy its full potential here and stand out internationally

On April 8, the second edition of Rencontres IA was held, an event co-developed by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Scale AI and the Forum IA Québec. The Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development, Éric Caire, Minister of Cybersecurity and Digital, and Nadine Girault, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, honored us with their presence.

Nearly 500 face-to-face participants and more than 300 remote spectators gathered to hear some forty panelists take stock of the state of the sector and Quebec’s enviable positioning internationally, as well as to explore the concrete applications of the AI in business.

Block 1 – State of play: portrait of a booming sector

“We are at a stage where we need to go to an industrial scale for AI, in order to be able to look forward. »
– Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

“Scale AI is $150 million in funding. We are very happy, even if there is still a lot to do to democratize AI. »
– Julien Billot, Managing Director, Scale AI

“We must insist on collaboration between research and industry. This is how AI will really take hold in companies. »
– Marie-Paule Jeansonne, President and CEO, Forum IA Québec

Winning government strategies for the future of AI in Canada and Quebec

“Canada must quickly position itself in the economy of the 21stand century, and AI will be a hub of it. It already plays a crucial role in our economy, we have a head start. »
– François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“We are going to launch a new call for AI projects for SMEs and start-ups that adopt and commercialize artificial intelligence. I want us to continue on our good momentum in Quebec. »
– Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development

Unveiling of the IA Quebec Showcase

“We are pleased to support the Forum IA Québec for the creation of its IA Québec showcase. We want to facilitate the connection between Quebec solutions and international demand. »
– Nadine Girault, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie

Panel – Artificial intelligence continues its momentum

“Even though there is a lot of talk about AI adoption, AI technology is still very young. It is in Montreal, among other places, that we are pushing back the frontiers of our potential. »
– Valérie Pisano, President and CEO, Mila

Tribune – The democratization of AI: machine learning for all

“A technology as powerful as AI must be framed by principles, including that of being socially beneficial. »
– Nick Feller, Solutions Manager, Google

Block 2 – AI in action: deployment and concrete applications in business

Discussion – Optimizing public services with AI

“The Government of Quebec must promote research environments and innovation. We then want to facilitate outlets for this research to help with commercialization. »
– Éric Caire, Minister of Cybersecurity and Digital

Panel – AI in the aerospace sector

“The AI ​​ecosystem in aerospace is a lever for innovation. »
– Maher Chaouachi, Artificial Intelligence Solutions Manager, CAE

Successful deployment of an AI project

“AI has evolved very rapidly in Quebec. Today, many companies are powered by AI and make business decisions using this technology. »
– Mehdi Merai, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte

Panel – Large Retail Companies Transformed by AI

“How to implement AI in business? You have to proceed in stages. We start by raising awareness among stakeholders and we target projects that are dear to the company. »
– Daniel Lavinskas, Head, Analytics, BRP

Panel – Manufacturer 4.0: integrating AI

“Before doing AI, you have to learn to walk and digitize yourself. We must, for example, automate processes and prevent technological maturity from becoming an obstacle. »
– Florent Bouguin, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Optel Group

Lightning talks – AI driving fintech innovation

“Artificial intelligence can improve the performance of companies in terms of sustainable development. »
– Edouard Clement, product manager and co-founder, Novisto

Lightning Pitch – Healthcare Industry: Advances with AI

“To develop AI, you have to develop talents and skills. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to understand what data is and be critical of technology adoption. »
– Kathy Malas, Head of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, CHUM, Associate Professor, HEC Montréal

Block 3 – Securing the future of AI

Tribute – Innovation, the spearhead of economic development

“We are lucky to be in Montreal. From data to decisions, no country equals what we have here in Montreal. Let’s continue to invest in fundamental research, because it helps to attract companies, and to train talent. »
– Gilles Savard, Deputy Director General, Polytechnique Montréal

Panel – Promoting Québec expertise internationally

“Three words must guide our actions to promote Quebec expertise internationally in the coming years: go out, speak and convince. We must reaffirm our place as a leader in AI abroad. »
– Hubert Bolduc, President, Investissement Québec International

Panel – Quebec flagships conquering international markets

“It’s very important to perfect the customer experience before setting out to conquer new markets. »
– Renée Bergeron, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AppSmart, AppDirect

Panel – Perspectives on AI and its integration into SMEs internationally

“The challenge of AI lies in its adoption in business. We must be able to train SMEs and their executive bodies on what AI is, how they can enhance it and create value. Montreal is fortunate to have the skills available within its ecosystem and universities. »
– Peter Kurzwelly, Strategic Partnerships and Head, AI Sweden Canada

Panel – Solving the challenges of SMEs in the deployment of AI in Quebec

“AI is within the reach of all SMEs. The latter must appropriate the technology and bring it to life within the company. »
– Fanny Leroux, expert in data science and business analytics, head of the NUMERIA program, CRIM

Panel – Betting on green AI to stand out

“There are two main components to green AI: clean energy to power AI and AI to solve problems that affect climate change. There are many opportunities, but above all the urgency to act quickly”
– Sylvain Carle, Partner, Innovobot Fund

Presentation of the Awards for Quebec Excellence in AI

The very first Awards for Quebec Excellence in AI were awarded during this meeting. The 2022 winners are:

  • Coveo – AI company with the most international success
  • XpertSea – Quebec AI Start-up of the Year
  • Optimization of operating theater planning (CHUM) – Best AI project for the common good
  • Cargo2 AI project (Port of Montreal) – Better integration of AI in a product/service or in a business process

About AI Dating

AI Dating was co-developed by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Scale AI and the Quebec AI Forum. They were made in association with CAE, Deloitte and Google Cloudin collaboration with the Business Development Bank of Canada, Bereskin & Parr, Investment Quebec and the Montreal Convention Centeras well as in partnership with Bomber, BRPthe CRIM – Computer Research Center of Montreal, EDC Export Development Canada, LexRock AI Technologies, Loto-Quebec, Mila, Vides and X Machina AI. The event was made possible thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec.

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Artificial intelligence: deploy its full potential here and stand out internationally

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