Avatar 2: James Cameron plans spin-offs on Disney+ on this condition

James Cameron is unstoppable. Avatar is his life’s work, the fulfillment of his career as a filmmaker, and it is likely that he devoted himself to it until his death. While The way of the waterthe second chapter of the saga, has just landed in dark rooms, the director is already thinking about the rest of the adventure. We’ve known for years that he’s planning a pentalogy, but it turns out thathe is thinking about his franchise in the even longer term!

avatar spin-offs to be expected in 10 years?

James Cameron has planned to tell the story of the Na’Vis in 5 films, but this well-honed plan is subject to variations. Still number 1 at the box office after all these years, in front avengers endgame and titanic, Avatar returns to theaters in a highly anticipated sequel. 13 years after the stunning success of this ecological fable in synthetic images, will the spectators be sensitive to the new aquatic adventures of Jake and Neytiri? Or will their first appearance in dark rooms remain an exception of the 7th Art?

Avatar 2 James Cameron plans spin offs on Disney on this

It’s still too early to tell, but James Cameron is already ready to face all the possibilities, whether The Way of the Water either a failure or a hit at the box office. In the first case, Avatar 3 will be the last installment of the franchise ; if successful, get ready to see spin-offs land on Disney+! Indeed, the filmmaker revealed during an interview with our colleagues from Comicbook.com that if the techniques necessary to achieve the futuristic special effects ofAvatar become less expensive and simpler, the franchise could be adapted for the small screen.

As for designing spin-offs ofAvatarthe problem is that the characters are made in realistic computer graphics and that‘they don’t fit a television production model yet. In 10 years, if we inject enough technique, investment in research and Artificial Intelligence into the process, it may be possible to shorten deadlines in order to be more efficient. I don’t know if we’ll get to any reasonable timelines, but I think we might get close to doing some television, but it won’t be before, I would say at least five years, even ten years. But if Avatar becomes a universe, if it becomes a world in its own right and the desire of the fans is there, yes. I could see that happen one day.

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Avatar will it become the new MCU? Will we be talking about Avatar Cinematographic Universe in 10 years? It is clear that this is the will of James Cameron. His producer Jon Landau, he confided in an interview (still to our colleagues from ComicBook.com) that he is obviously interested in the idea of ​​always expanding the universe ofAvatar. Although he doesn’t mention the possibility of the franchise coming to Disney+, presumably not to commit to a hypothetical future, he says his desire to further develop the saga.

You know, we want to be pioneers not trend followers. We see the world of Pandora as a world that can expand beyond movies. We did it, you know, with our traveling show Toruk – The first flight with Cirque du Soleil, in which we have gone back several thousand years to tell the story of the first Toruk Makto. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we’ve created Pandora, the world of Avatar. We set it two generations later, after all the planned sequels had ended. We want to continue to play with this in mind. We work with comic book publisher Dark Horse. We have just recently released the first issue ofHigh Ground. It’s another story ofAvatar. So, we want to keep developing this world. We think people will find these characters aspirational and inspiring, in different settings. And we want to continue to prove it.

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As you can see above, James Cameron and his producer are determined to decline Avatar all the way in case of success of the next films of the saga at the cinema. We are counting on you to give us your opinion on this subject by answering our little survey, and if you wish, to leave us a comment!

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Avatar 2: James Cameron plans spin-offs on Disney+ on this condition

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