Best diplomats: Luvick Otoka represented Congo at the Dubai Congress

Created in the United States of America, “Best Diplomats” is a simulation organization of the United Nations system consisting in instilling negotiation, leadership and diplomacy skills in young people. The theme this year was “Youth of today, leaders of tomorrow”. Indeed, the meeting brought together several young people from different countries.

The Congolese representative, Luvick Otoka, was selected and accompanied by the Ministry in charge of Youth. “I am here to train myself in order to be able to conduct advocacy to highlight my country and have a say in the concert of nations, to promote what young people produce and to seek potential partnerships. »said Luvick Otoka.

He also welcomed the leadership of the Ministry of Youth, through the National Support Fund for Employability and Learning, the National Agency for the Valorization of Research and Innovation Results as well as the United Nations Development Program for their propensity to encourage young people. The goal is to transform them into development actors within Congolese society.

Some resolutions taken

At the end of three days of deliberations, the participants formulated several recommendations. These include employing innovative solutions to make local foods nutritious to address the problem of malnutrition; encourage the implementation of curricula that teach the causes, consequences and solutions of climate change. The General Assembly of Top Diplomats recognizes the right of people to clean and sufficient food to lead successful and fulfilled lives.

Recalling the importance of water, participants recommended avoiding plastic water bottles and replacing them with environmentally friendly materials. They also suggested empowering developing countries to play an active role in international trade and become price decision makers in international trade; the development of interstate trade relations between developing countries of the same region in international trade.

Luvick Otoka in a nutshell

Principal manager of the Technological Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Luvik Otoka is the winner of the second edition of the “Denis-Sassou-N’Guesso Prize for digital innovation”. Engineer in electricity and electronics, certified in artificial intelligence by Full Stack Embedded, he is, among other things, designer of a device to detect false electrical connections.1663965788 715 Best diplomats Luvick Otoka represented Congo at the Dubai Congress

As part of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, he has developed an automatic disinfection device for cars, offices, meeting rooms, etc. He also has to his credit the innovative medical device for controlling blood sugar levels and heartbeat.

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Best diplomats: Luvick Otoka represented Congo at the Dubai Congress

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