Blue in the street, eviction from social housing, power outage, his ambitions for 2027: what to remember from the statements of Gérald Darmanin

Expected at 10.30 a.m. on the set of the Nice Matin group, Gérald Darmanin finally appeared three quarters of an hour late. Inevitably, he had an appointment just before with the very talkative Christian Estrosi, to discuss the future Nice police station which will bring together the municipal and national services in 2025. A project, which should serve as a model, for which the State has invested “more than 200 million euros”recalled the Minister of the Interior, “favorable” also to video protection cameras which help “clarifications”.

He also dismissed the use of facial recognition, “which poses many problems of public freedoms”, favoring “artificial intelligence, which can help find a little girl in a crowd”. A technological advance that will be part of the Olympic law presented to the National Assembly in a few days.

More police and gendarmerie

Gérald Darmanin then returned to increasing the police on public roads to ensure security. “Our strategy is to put more blue in the street, so more police and gendarmes.” He also came with his questions. “How do we do?” And his answers: “We are putting more staff, we have put ten thousand more. We are starting to see the arrivals. And we are going to create 8,500 more.”

Asked about the refusals to comply, Darmanin confirms an increase. “There is one every half hour in France”, he says. He advocates “proportionality of actions” law enforcement: “There’s no point in bullying, if at the end there are more deaths than at the beginning”.

His support for David Lisnard

Another highlight, his reaction following the withdrawal of authorization to practice on a market of the merchant of Cannes, whose minor son attacked an 89-year-old lady this summer. “I support the decision of the mayor of Cannes, he insists. I am in favor of making firm, difficult, but strong decisions as David Lisnard did. Besides, justice has given him reason. I m ‘rejoiced’. He added to be “for the eviction from social housing of families who let their children do absolutely anything”.

On the issue of OQTFs (obligations to leave French territory), he specified that “France is the country with the highest execution rate, even if it is not good”. “We are at more than 21% of expulsions since January 1 compared to the year”he said. “To make them more effective”he wants “simplify our law” by going from twelve to four possible appeals and by “halving the time of these appeals which can currently take a year and a half”. Which, according to him, leaves “the possibility of having a child, out of love I imagine, and of no longer being expelled”.

It aims for 10% energy savings, not 2.027

The exchange continued on the potential power cuts this winter. “We are currently at less than 8% of energy consumption over one year, he observes. If we go to minus 10%, there will be no cut.”

And what about his political ambitions for 2022? “At 40, I am Minister of the Interior, I have been minister for six years, for the son of a cleaning lady, for the grandson of harkis that I am, it is unexpected. So, I’m not thinking of 2027. I’m thinking of tonight and tomorrow morning.” Circulate.

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Blue in the street, eviction from social housing, power outage, his ambitions for 2027: what to remember from the statements of Gérald Darmanin

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