Community manager and customer relations: 5 avenues to work on in 2023

The customer relationship becomes more and more important as digital gains ground. However, if it becomes automated at all levels, how can it still make sense?

It is more generally reduced to humans, who are capable of understanding and finding solutions, but above all of giving real meaning to this customer relationship, especially through social media. But the AI ​​seems to take precedence over the human!

  • Why are so many automatisms, under the guise of artificial intelligence, used in business?
  • Doesn’t this rather denote proven problems within a company?

For bring back the human in the customer relationshipthe Community Manager can play a real determining role for your company. Let’s see why and how.

Bringing the human back into the customer relationship with the community manager

The community manager is above all a person who creates a link between a community and a company for which he works. He works on content creation, engagement, moderation and various actions to set up and promote within social networks. Customer relations are rarely mentioned, except via specific companies, but it can very well become a specialty of the community manager.

The customer relationship on Twitter for example, is very present in certain companies such as mobile telephone and Internet operators. As soon as problems arise through the provision of services or products, the customer relationship becomes essential. It allows you to work on your image and maintain the link with your customers.

By going through a community manager in customer relationship management, it’s bringing back the human in the foreground and avoid excessive automatisms, even if they can sometimes provide reinforcement. We are not at the stage of supplanting humans with artificial intelligence and that should never be the case.

The work of the community manager in customer relations

For a community manager to be effective and productive in customer relationshere are some avenues that need to be addressed and worked on:

1. Company culture

Have you taken or seen a program of community manager training who approached corporate culture ? As for me, I’ve never seen it. The corporate culture is important in the customer relationship, because it allows you to soak up the DNA and the company values to convey in its communication. Any speech or commitment to be made vis-à-vis a client must be based on and modeled on this.

The community manager must therefore take a strong interest in it and above all consider it in his work. So when he solves a problem, he can rely on the values ​​of the company and thus have a relevant indicator for work on the image of the company.

The customer relationship can thus become a lever for achieving image and notoriety objectives in the long term. We can even say that in some cases, it can contribute to the visibility of a company through media relays and the virality that this can generate.

2. Create a relevant FAQ and update it

Create an FAQ makes it possible to unclog the customer relationship if it is accessible, relevant and regularly updated. It can be fed according to the recurring cases encountered but also by exchanging directly with its community, on unlisted cases or any minor problems encountered.

Set up a FAQ for your customer relationship

The FAQ must be visible quickly and be the subject of a link within its charter, its social networks dedicated to customer relations and on the company’s website. It must be updated regularly and offer a quick way to contact you to solve a problem not mentioned (redirect to a social channel and therefore the community manager, or other means for internal management)

3. Create a database of pre-responses and templates for recurring cases

If the FAQ is not always unanimous in favor of a human contact, and it is legitimate, plan your answers in advance on cases and recurring questions. Use graphic templates to customize where appropriate, while adding a touch of fun when possible. You can thus convey certain messages by using humour, depending on the sector in which you work.

Image communication can value the customer relationship if it is well worked out and that everything is done for meet customer expectations and needs. Fun can lessen or smooth a problem by being balanced and without diminishing it.

Don’t forget the key positions that can solve specific problems! Have their contact information and be able to redirect a customer if necessary without offending or frustrating them.

4. Stage your brand

Showcase your brand offers a privileged axis to work on the image of his company. It may be possible to create a mascot that speaks on social networks. Already because it smoothes communication and any power struggles, but also because it allows you to create content on topics related to customer relations without getting directly involved, but under cover of an avatar or a mascot. .

In addition, it could become a reference or a textbook case, if the work is well managed by the community manager. The staging of a brand requires originality, an innovative side and to be active regularly to increase its visibility.

5. Master the major content objectives to boost your image

The customer relationship does not require replacing content creation for the community manager, unless he had to be totally dedicated to customer relations. Nevertheless, it remains far too difficult when you know that it also involves moderation. It is often necessary to ensure rotations and resume on another lever so as not to curb one’s creativity.

Work on content objectives

By mastering content goalsthe community manager can introduce the importance of the customer relationship in his communication and use concrete examples to support his remarks. If the lever in itself is an axis that targets the image, it is essential to reinforce it with relevant content. It all depends on the activity, but it can be the subject of corporate content, for example.

By integrating the staging of his brand, he can work on several objectives simultaneously, such as image and visibility for example. By playing on content that offers virality, he will be able to highlight his vision of customer relations, modeled on the corporate culture, and thus make himself known.

In summary

Working together on your 5 points in customer relations allows you to boost the image of the company and bring the human to the center. A community manager is quite capable of fulfilling this role and associating content to engage, while working on a staging around his brand.

The good sense of the customer relationship and its fundamentals are voluntarily hidden here, because it is only a question of bringing a plus to complete the bases.

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Community manager and customer relations: 5 avenues to work on in 2023

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