Could there be a cyber attack in progress?

The cyberworld and its cyberattacks are rapidly transforming the world as we know it. Digital addiction is global and the pandemic has accelerated things further by encouraging almost every sector to opt for remote services. Of course, this adaptation is beneficial, but it opens up new possibilities for cybercriminals to carry out attacks against businesses and consumers. Even those who are not connected come to suffer the effects of digital and cyberattacks, to the point that it is no longer rare to hear “Is there not a cyberattack in progress? »

Many still do not know the extent of the repercussions of cyberattacks. The often-cited example of JBS USA, an American meat processor that fell victim to a ransomware attack in June 2021 that cost the company more than $11 million. JBS processing plants, which produce almost a quarter of the beef consumed in the country, took three days to restore operations, causing major disruptions in the distribution of meat to millions of Americans . Attacks on energy providers and other public services also have a direct impact on users around the world. This was the case on July 10 for Rogers Communications Inc., which suffered a major outage, impacting Internet access for more than ten million Canadians, and even the organization of emergency services and the operation of ATMs. .

This year, a ransomware attack hit several administrations in Costa Rica, bringing the country to a standstill. All citizens paid the price, connected or not to the Internet, since more than 30,000 medical consultations had to be canceled. It was also no longer possible to pay his taxes. A hotel in Austria was recently targeted by several ransomware attacks: the reservation system was no longer working, nor were the room keys. The staff therefore had to accompany each client to their room. After four attacks, hotel management opted to revert to classic keys rather than dealing with frequent digital key failures. Indirectly, cyberattacks cause individuals and businesses to revert to analog services to avoid the inconveniences associated with digital service outages.

Last month, Switzerland saw its airspace closed for hours following a technical problem which caused the authorities to ground all planes and suspend all authorization to fly. Even if it was not directly a cyberattack, this case demonstrates how digital is present in everyone’s life. This is why it is important not only to protect the companies of course, but also all those who depend on the services of these companies.

Contrary to what all these attacks might suggest, hacking practices are still far from what we commonly see in films and series. It’s a daunting task, involving many trial and error attempts before they can break in to wreak havoc. And if the criminals evolve in their practice, the mechanisms of defense and protection also gain in sophistication. Cyber ​​protection platforms are constantly improving and the cybersecurity industry is rapidly creating new jobs. Now, cybersecurity solutions integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning, so they analyze millions of lines of data and can detect a possible compromise much faster than a human being.

Soft targets are of course preferred. Obvious flaws will be exploited. A breach in an aging infrastructure will potentially allow systems to be accessed. To simplify, we can compare cybersecurity to a car. A car is equipped with seat belts, airbags and a reinforced metal frame, not to mention all the options that protect passengers in the event of an impact or accident. Manufacturers know that crash detection and blind spot monitoring can help prevent accidents, but they also seek to mitigate potential damage in the event of an impact, and each safety option contributes to this. The same goes for a cyber protection solution: this simple, integrated platform monitors and controls all cyber protection and data backup needs to make this aspect of a business’s operations as easy as possible.

Once they have invested, companies must encourage their employees to make good use of the tools. It is not enough to install and deploy tools, it is also necessary to recruit the right profiles and train employees in good practices. To reduce the impact of possible attacks, companies must absolutely choose the right combination of talent, training and tools. Even if cybercriminals compete in ingenuity, multinationals and tech giants know how to defend themselves: with good preparation and damage control, the impact of attacks can be greatly reduced. Hopefully good will come out victorious.

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Could there be a cyber attack in progress?

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