Dating: what is soft ghosting and why does it annoy us?

If ghosting was trying to send a message that already lacked clarity, the practice of soft ghosting is all the more confusing. We explain to you.

On begins to know the technique of “ghostingthat is to say when a person with whom we regularly discuss, or even have a relationship, suddenly stop giving us signs of life. Without giving an explanation or asking for their rest, the person simply stops answering us and it is as if the link had never existed. A sort of rupture that is quite difficult to understand and, at times, a bit brutal. Still more incomprehensible and, perhaps, less brutaldiscover: soft ghosting.

The mechanisms of soft ghosting

Soft ghosting, like ghosting, is done virtually. Contrary to the total cessation of interaction wanted by the “ghost”, the “soft ghoster” continues to exist online and interact with us. To illustrate, the magazine Stylist explains in an article that during soft ghosting, the person in question no longer responds to our messages and no longer communicates with us, but continues to interact with our social networks. For example, she will react to an Instagram story, like a photo or our last message, without talking to us again. It is therefore not a question of completely ignoring us and pretending that we do not exist, but simply of limiting his direct exchanges with us. Nice.

As Louise Troen, manager of the Bumble dating app interviewed by Stylist, explains, the problem with soft ghosting is thatit sends mixed signals. Should we restart the conversation? Is our interlocutor simply taking time to answer? Should we move on?

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Although the various channels of communication make it possible to be in constant contact, it is still necessary to accept that not everyone is always available. On the other hand, if time passes, two choices are available to us: move on because we consider that the person does not show us enough interest or restart the conversation and, why not, suggest a date just to get to the bottom of it.


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Dating: what is soft ghosting and why does it annoy us?

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