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Apart from Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, there was no sovereignist candidate in this rotten election to the core. But we are told that the sovereigntist electorate represents 30% in France, but that it is captured by the Navy and the right in general. But NDA had a program that ticked all the boxes. He wanted another Europe. It was already a downside because he didn’t have the balls to announce the Frexit.

And if we are not even capable of announcing to our own people that we want to leave the EU, how does he intend to fight against the European leaders who will fall on him?. He invented a mic-mac based on the community of European states, based on collaboration around projects. It looks like a bad communicator who aligns sentences marketed to death. While the Frexit, simple in its elegance and formidable in its significance, would make it possible to say clearly what one wants.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan did 2.06% in the first round of the 2022 election with 1.49% of registered voters, but in 2017, it did 4.70% with 3.56% of registrants. This means that he lost around 40-50% compared to his result and the number of voters who voted for him.. The irony is that Dupont-Aignan was part of an alliance with Les Patriotes by Philipot, but also with Génération Frexit by Charles-Henri Gallois and it came to absolutely nothing. Knowing that in 2017, there was also Asselineau who had made 0.92%.

There can be several explanations. On the one hand, mainstream pseudo-sovereignists such as Zemmour and Marine robbed him of votes. But in the sovereignist camp, we constantly call for unity to carry a single candidate and when we look at the figures, it’s a disaster.

Because the idea of ​​Frexit must first be imposed on people. Today, an overwhelming majority of the population is opposed to Frexit because we hammered their skulls for 30 years that France is big with Europe when it is the opposite. The more powerful Europe becomes, the more France disappears.

This can also be explained by the molasson aspect of NDA who refuses to say the right words to attract pure and hard sovereignists. Even if the particular nature of these elections made it impossible to campaign in good conditions. The organized scuttling of sponsorships, the media confinement to promote the most beautiful whores in the system, the speaking time thrown away. Even if contrary to what one thinks, the mediatization of a candidate does not translate into the votes and it is enough to see the results of Zemmour to realize it.

Regarding reconquest, it seems on track that little Marion gets the package if Zemmour wallows in the legislative elections. But Marion is as much for the Frexit that Zemmour and therefore, the sovereignist camp should expect nothing from it. As things stand, sovereignism in France is at a standstill. And the slump will continue as long as he does not make a real union by burying all the quarrels and that he does popular education, by alternative media, in order to convince people that the source of their problems is in Brussels .

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Elections 2022: Sovereignty at half mast – Politics and geopolitics news

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