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Emmanuel Macron has decided to let an artificial intelligence developed by McKinsey rule France. A project worth 100 billion euros, at the expense of the taxpayer, which should make it possible to automate the governance of the country.

Burnout at the Élysée. After five years of governing France, Emmanuel Macron does not hide his weariness. » I’m tired of taking my head on junk topics “, says the head of state during a press conference.

» Purchasing power, pensions, insecurity… all this is pixie dust “, explains the President. In order to save time, and on the advice of McKinsey, Emmanuel Macron will let an artificial intelligence lead the country in his place if he is re-elected.

Directly designed by the American consulting firm, this latest generation AI will be able to make all the decisions for it. It will be enough to indicate to the computer the problem to be solved, so that it proposes a concrete solution in less than 15 minutes.

As the manager explains, this amounts to signing contracts with consultants, but in an automated version. In Startup Nation version “. Indeed, rather than wasting time signing contracts with McKinsey for each file, France will directly let the AI ​​of the American consulting firm hold the reins of the country. ” LREM will bring France into the era of 2.0 and digital transformation “, comments Gabriel Attal.

An NFT offered to each voter of Emmanuel Macron

Thanks to the time savings offered by automation, Emmanuel Macron will be able to have a good time at Fort de Brégançon and focus on more interesting topics” like the balance in my bank account, or the work in my house “, he explains with a smile.

This artificial intelligence will be deployed from the start of Emmanuel Macron’s second term, but will also be used during the debate between the two rounds of the elections. A laptop will be set up on the table, and the voice assistant Amazon Alexa will take care of answering the rival candidate.

At the same time, Emmanuel Macron announces an NFT project (also suggested by McKinsey). Each LREM voter will receive an NFT bearing the image of the president or a member of the government, and can resell it on the OpenSea platform to enrich themselves. » Enough to encourage young people to vote and get involved in the political life of our country “, how Marlène Schiappa.

The investment of public funds in this artificial intelligence may seem hasty, since this technology will cost the taxpayer 100 billion euros while Emmanuel Macron is not yet re-elected. However, the Head of State says he is confident for the elections: ” anyway, voting machines are also provided by McKinsey… so let’s say we have all the odds on our side “, he smiles with a wink…

For more information on McKinsey’s AI, visit the official website at this address !

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Emmanuel Macron will let McKinsey’s AI govern in his place – LeBigData.fr

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