For Valérie Pécresse “Marine Le Pen is Emmanuel Macron’s re-election insurance”

If a music had to carry it against all odds? “It would be Respect of Aretha Franklin!”, radiates Valérie Pécresse. A good natural pick-me-up because, again this Friday, the day of the Republican candidate was likened to a real marathon, between Bouches-du-Rhône on security issues, Hyères to meet her Var supporters and La Crau on power of purchase. A little respite at the Best Western La Marina Hotel in Saint-Raphaël, where she landed before the public meeting that evening, at the nearby Palais des Congrès. Ultimate “rehearsal” for the big meeting on Sunday, Porte de Versailles to which the “lavandourain neighbor”, Nicolas Sarkozy, has still not deigned to line up.

Each of your visits is targeted. What is the theme of this Var meeting?

It’s about saying: Don’t let this election be robbed of you! We can clearly see the hypocrisy of a system with an Emmanuel Macron who wakes up saying, I am going to fight the extremes, when he has carefully spared them so far. Because the truth, the one he wanted to kill, is me, who represents the Republican right, with a real program of achievable rupture. Macron wants Le Pen in front of him. It’s his re-election insurance.

Precisely, researchers from Nice have analyzed all your speeches with artificial intelligence. It appears that your cursor on the right is at the same level as that of Marine Le Pen. A reaction?

(She reads). We don’t use the same words. It’s not the same right! “Order”, “Authority”, “Identity”, “family”… Yes, these are the values ​​of the right.

A “heavy” right then?

Listen, I was Thursday in the northern districts of Marseille. The police are fed up. There is a real problem of sanctions. I want zero impunity and finally justice that has the means to judge. I embody a strong right on authority and immigration, with the establishment of migratory quotas. We choose who we welcome! In addition with me, all those which would pollute the life of the tenants of a social housing would be expelled.

Hubert Falco, Christian Estrosi, Renaud Muselier… All the regional tenors have left the Republican ship. The polls place you in 4th, even 5th position. How do you collect?

I trace my route… I am the candidate of an authentic right and I will be the surprise of the 2nd round! I have this determination to “do”.

Does the vampirization of the Republicans by Emmanuel Macron in view of the legislative elections concern you?

They all reaffirmed their support!

The absence of Nicolas Sarkozy, Sunday, at the meeting at the Porte de Versailles, is it a declined invitation or radio silence?

I was very proud to be his minister and I learned a lot. Once again I make my way (revived, she dodges). It means that I fly with my own wings today.

In 2012 François Hollande had this formula “My adversary is the world of finance”. Which one is yours?

Public impotence! I’m here to do what I say after a quinquennium of chatter.

You castigate the mismanagement of private consulting firms like McKinsey, yet you did not use it yourself as a minister under the Fillon government?

Yes, but very little, punctually, to make reforms and spend less money. Which is not the case with this government. It is the administration itself that must do this work.

You are in favor of energy sovereignty based on nuclear energy. Is that reasonable when you see what that exposes you to these days?

The goal is zero carbon by 2050! I am also talking about renewable energies – anaerobic digestion, biogas, biomass… – but yes, we won’t get by without nuclear power, so I will repeal the decree which caps nuclear power at 50% and I disconnect the tariffs from electricity from European tariffs to lower the rating of the French.

One word to describe your main rivals?

Melenchon? Populist. Macron? Illusionist. The pen? Demagogue. Zemmour? Discord. Jadot? (she hesitates for a long time) Punitive!

If there’s a number you had to keep?

10% salary increase over the five-year period. With + 3% from this summer. I am the purchasing power candidate. Value the work against the assistantship!.

Whatever happens how will you come out of this campaign?

With love from France. Scars all over the body too! I have been caricatured on all floors. As the puppet of the Guignols used to say, “it stings a little!” (to laugh). But it seems that it is one of the conditions for becoming President of the Republic!

I was caricatured on all floors”

Sarkozy? I fly with my own wings”

You say you want to entrust the nursing homes to the departments. Does this mean the end of the profit-making private model?

That means I want real controls. And that they return to the departments. A stricter charter as well. The provision made in the Alpes-Maritimes to reserve 30% of places for retirees in need is exemplary and should be generalized.

Do you act on the absence of status of “housewife”, her social protection, her remuneration, her retirement…?

No, but I am increasing survivors’ pensions for widows who have not had a full career because they have brought up their children. On family policy, I propose 900 euros of universal allowance from the first child, I help separated women by tax-exempting alimony linked to the education of children, I create the 30,000 crèche places that Emmanuel Macron does not has not done and I allow parental leave to be taken until the child is 18, while completely rethinking the status of family carers with in particular a tax credit of 2500 euros to allow the adaptation of housing.

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For Valérie Pécresse “Marine Le Pen is Emmanuel Macron’s re-election insurance”

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