ForePaaS offers its services to OVHCloud –

OVHCloud intends to improve its cloud services by appropriating the strengths of ForePaaS.

Basic in hosting services, today OVH also operates in cloud computing services. Recently called OVHCloud, the company boasts of its newest acquisition: ForePaaS. ForePaaS, initial of “Platform as a Service »specializes in the execution of projects related to data and artificial intelligence. (IA)

ForePaaS: Platform as a Service: an innovative solution

In 2015, Paul Sinaï, Vient Michel and François Vaillant created ForePaaS. Currently, this French start-up is made up of 23 employees. It works so that companies can turn touse of artificial intelligence to support their digital migration. This solution is aimed at the initiation, development and implementation of a large number of data analysis and machine learning projects.

The CEO, Paul Sinai clarifies their vision since the birth of ForePaaS. They want to enable companies to be able to control their own Factory of AI and data analytics. Note that ForePaaS is based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, but has an annex in San Francisco. Welcoming customers from all over the world, the start-up had nevertheless had humble beginnings. It benefited from a fundraising of approximately 10 million euros collected in 2017. Its service offers have been fruitful for these 7 years, until attracting OVHCloud to integrate it into it.

OVHCloud: strategist in the details regarding the acquisition of ForePaaS

Thierry Souche, CTO of OVHCloud talks about this acquisition and its future advantages in relation to their services. OVHCloud will benefit from ForePaaS experts. These will optimize the company’s services to further diversify the environments on the PaaS. It already offers a portfolio of 70 PaaS solutions. This portfolio is available tojust over 1.6 million customers in all regions of the world.

Developing a unique and complete technological entity specialized in AI, such is the goal of OVHCloud. Having acquired a wide variety of technological skills will make it easier to solve their customers’ problems. This will further influence the adoption of the cloud and will have an impact on the mastery of the life cycle of the data used and stored.

The effective migration from ForePaaS to OVHCloud took place on April 21. The founders, technicians and employees of ForePaaS are already working together with the OVHCloud team. This great merger takes place to achieve one of the goals aimed at the end of August of this year. The objective is to be able to offer a catalog of 80 PaaS solutions on this defined date. However, no financial data has been communicated on this subject.

Remember that an unfortunate fire affected the company in March 2021 in Strasbourg. Since then, it has been recovering slowly while continuing to innovate in their field. It now offers different tools and also informed the world of its IPO in 2021. On the other hand, OVHCloud sued Microsoft very recently accusing it of monopolizing its position in cloud computing.

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ForePaaS offers its services to OVHCloud –

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