GAIA-X: the countdown can no longer be stopped

The top GAIA-X 2022, third edition of its kind, organized in Paris on November 17 and 18, was the last. Because the project of european metacloud is abandoned? No, quite the contrary: Gaia-X has matured and is real. The era of early adopters, technical specifications and policies will end. Next year will be the year of growth, and we will organize more specific events”announcement francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of GAIA-X AISBL (International non-profit association, overseeing GAIA-X).

More specifically, the opening to a wider audience will take place after the first quarter of 2023. Compared to the initial roadmap, the timing is therefore respectedwhich is to be highlighted for this ambitious European project, initiated by the Franco-German couple, and sometimes lambasted by some analyst firms. From the 2nd quarter of 2023, any organization will be able to join the Gaia-X ecosystem, offering its services in accordance with the principles of the metacloud.

GAIA-X is not a standardization organization

As a reminder, GAIA-X will not market any application, will not impose any technological rules, but will provide guides to develop services compatible with GAIA-X. According Maximilian AhrensCTO of T-Systems, “What is unique about joining the project is the mix of solution user members and providers”. ” We anticipate that vendors will want to adhere to the principles of GAIA-X. We expect users to ask their vendors to be GAIA-X compatible. This will create a virtuous circle.ensures Francesco Bonfiglio.

Concretely, the members of GAIA-X know full well that it is impossible to impose a de facto standard, as long as the market does not adopt it. The heart of GAIA-X is based on an environment of trust, applying to data exchanges within the famous – sometimes described as smoky – data spaces, to compliance and the federation of services.

On dataspaces, the problem is not just a question of portability and interoperabilitybut to demonstrate “that there is a business advantage in vertical sectors such as automotive, energy or finance. This is the principle of push&pull: the push solves technical problems; the sweater is the advantages that players in each sector derive from it”, says, Hubert Tardieu, Chairman of the Board ofGAIA-X administration.

On the last point, the French teamvsease of GXFS-FR has prefeelsé a catalog of services already available compliant with the Gaia-X Trust Framework, allowing users to choose services that meet at specific requirements (localization of data in Europe, security certificationscurityeportabilityé, carbon neutrality).

Follow the GDPR model

“This year, we are very proud that the Americans have asked us to create a hub [autour de GAIA-X, N.D.L.R.]. »

Hubert TardieuChairman of the Board, GAIA-X

Responding to certain critics, who did not understand why the AISBL had received american suppliers – not decision makers, it should be remembered –, Hubert Tardieu was on the contrary pleased: “ if you want to go far, you must be several. And we are proud now to be numerous”.

In fact, GAIA-X could follow the example of the GDPR : initially strongly criticized by the Americans, not only have they accepted it, but many countries in the world are inspired by this regulation for data protection. “This year, we are very proud that the Americans have asked us to create a hub [autour de GAIA-X, N.D.L.R.]. This hub works, and that seems very important to us. This was not obvious at the beginning of GAIA-X”adds Hubert Tardieu.

Last point, GAIA-X is positioned as an accelerator of cloud adoption in Europe. The reasons are known: lack of portability and interoperability. Enterprise cloud adoption averages 26%, with southern countries most enthusiastic, northern countries most reluctant, with Germany and France in the middle. However, the European Commission has an objective by 2030 of adopting the cloud – centralized or closer to the ground (edge ​​cloud) – and artificial intelligence by 75% of companies. Another long journey, then.

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GAIA-X: the countdown can no longer be stopped

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