HealthTech: here are 7 healthcare start-ups that are recruiting

Posted Apr 5, 2022, 7:00 AM

For readers of Les Echos START, our partner France Digitale* offers a monthly selection of digital nuggets that are recruiting. The association brings together a community of more than 200 e-health start-ups, which operate in various fields, including diagnostic assistance, prevention, digital therapy, teleconsultation, home care, etc.

The main needs of these young shoots in 2022? Understand and adapt to industry standards, grow in a competitive and international market, and recruit qualified talent.

Implicity, alongside cardiologists

Did you say Implicity? Implicit relies on big data and artificial intelligence to provide a range of new innovative services to cardiologists. Thanks to their cardiac telemonitoring platform, intuitive and automated, the processing of patient data is facilitated. Predictive algorithms make it possible to anticipate cardiac episodes. The time spent sorting, processing and interpreting information is thus replaced by anticipating the best care at the best time. Dr Arnaud Rosier (cardiologist and AI researcher) and David Perlmutter (engineer and entrepreneur), co-founded Implicity in 2016.

DNA: The company values ​​are integrity, ambition and cooperation.

Health : More than 80 hospitals and medical centers use their solutions, benefiting 60,000 patients. In addition to France, the start-up has offices in Germany and the United States.

Number of employees : 60 people to date – 80 by the end of the year – 120 by the end of summer 2023

Positions to be filled (internships included): 30, 80 in total in 2022

Types of profiles sought: Tech: 30% (Dev [typescript et/ou Angular]DevOps, QA, Release, etc.), Data: 25% (Data Engineers – (senior) Data Scientists – ML Engineers), Sales/Customer Success Europe: 20%, Sales/Customer Success USA: 15%, support functions and clinical: 10% (Regulatory & Quality for example).

Recruitment process : It depends on the departments and seniorities, but generally in 3 or 4 stages: HR call (fifteen minutes – objective: validation of mutual interest in embarking on a recruitment process), manager interview (one hour in video, objective: generalist interview, hard skills/soft skills/fit culture), “technical” interview (one hour in physics for Tech and Data only to test hard skills) and a final video interview (objective: 100% soft skills)

To apply, it’s here .

Medadom, walk-in consultations

Did you say Medadom? The start-up facilitates access to a general practitioner by offering teleconsultations without an appointment via its web and mobile applications or its connected terminals. Medadom promises an average time of ten minutes to be taken care of by a doctor and the platform is accessible 7 days a week. The company was born from a common desire between its three founders to fight against inequalities in access to care on French territory: multiplication of medical deserts, overcrowding of emergencies, renunciation of care, absence of the attending physician, attending physician unavailable .

DNA: Its values ​​are excellence, proximity, leadership and innovation.

Health : Since its creation in 2017, 500,000 teleconsultations have been carried out and 1,600 cabins and connected terminals installed in France. A member of FrenchTech120, the start-up has also raised 40 million euros.

Number of employees : 130

Positions to be filled (internships included): 30, 50 in total in 2022

Types of profiles sought: Business developer, customer success, talent acquisition, tech profiles (Full stack developer, Tech lead developer, SRE/Devops), professionals in marketing, finance, human resources (also trainees and apprentices) etc.

Recruitment process : A pre-selection call with a human resources officer followed by one or more interviews (technical and soft skills) with managers/operations.

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Qare, the telemedicine specialist

Did you say Qare? Created in 2017, Qare is a teleconsultation solution accessible by all patients, for all healthcare professionals, nationwide, 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to ah. The start-up brings together more than 50 medical specialties to facilitate access to care. The company is also developing a free digital therapy application, My Sherpa, which helps patients in their daily lives when they encounter problems with sleep, anxiety, anxiety, etc. This application has already been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

DNA: Their values: audacity, responsibility, respect and inspiration.

Health : In 2021, Qare is more than a million teleconsultations carried out and nearly 500,000 new patients. After several successive fundraisers, Qare joined the European e-health group Health Hero in April 2021, today the leader in e-health in Europe with more than 22 million patients covered and more than 3 million teleconsultations carried out each year.

Number of employees : 110

Positions to be filled (internships included): 30, 80 in total in 2022

Types of profiles sought: mainly tech, product and sales profiles. Both juniors and experienced.

Recruitment process : A preliminary discussion with a recruitment manager, an interview with the direct manager, followed by a practical case with oral presentation and an interview with a member of the Management Committee.

To applyit’s here .

Lifen, secure exchanges for practitioners and patients

Did you say Lifen?Living is a start-up created in 2015, which facilitates the deployment of digital solutions to hospitals, doctors and patients. It offers a set of solutions to simplify the sharing of medical data and is also developing a platform to interconnect innovative solutions with hospital IT systems.

DNA: The start-up with agility and flexibility with all of our stakeholders, we are on the ground alongside doctors, medical secretaries and users in order to understand what they really need.

Health : Member of Next40 , the start-up has raised $93 million since 2015. In total, it supports 600 healthcare establishments, 130,000 healthcare professionals and 6.5 million patients have already received a medical document via the company. It has offices in Paris, London and Munich.

Number of employees : 170

Positions to be filled (internships included): About thirty, a hundred in total in 2022

Types of profiles sought: Business, tech, product, HR, finance, legal

Recruitment process : An interview with a Talent Acquisition Manager, another with a manager, a practical case and reference checks.

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Baracoda, the new generation bathroom

Did you say Baracoda? baracoda creates everyday health objects using new technologies, data analysis, machine learning, application development and gamification. Among their flagship products are the Kolibree connected toothbrush, the CareOS connected mirror, the BBalance connected bath mat and the latest innovation, the BCool connected thermometer. The start-up develops these technologies in collaboration with large groups such as Colgate, Wella and Pierre Fabre.

DNA: The start-up relies on collaboration and diversity with a team made up of 19 nationalities.

Health : Baracoda is a growing company, with more than 20 million euros in turnover in 2021, an annual increase of 35% for three years. The company has been profitable for five years. The company’s presence now spans three continents with open positions in Europe and Asia. Since 2017, it has received eight innovation awards from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) .

Number of employees : 220

Positions to be filled (internships included): 25, 70 in total in 2022.

Types of profiles sought: Data scientists, Data Analysts, python developers, C++, C#, unity devOps, UX-UI, firmware developers, product owners, iOS developers, Android developers, QA

Recruitment process : Interview with a recruiter, technical interview with the manager, technical test and interview with the team.

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Medicalib, the Doctolib for nurses

You said Medicalib ? The company offers a platform for connecting patients and healthcare professionals for home and business care. It makes it possible to quickly and simply find all the health professionals (apart from doctors – nurses, physiotherapists, midwives) that patients need thanks to geolocation and the real-time availability of professionals. Medicalib has above all become a key player for nurses.

DNA: Their values ​​are based on reliability, insight, commitment and collaboration.

Health : The start-up achieves monthly growth of more than 7% since its creation and in 2022 passed the bar of 800,000 requests for care.

Number of employees : 35

Positions to be filled (internships included): 13, 30 in total in 2022.

Types of profiles sought: Back and front developers, Chief Marketing Officer, SEO/SEA Manager, sales representatives, Customer Success, Product Manager, Operational project managers.

Recruitment process : It takes place in 4 stages: a prequalification video interview with a recruitment officer, an exchange with the direct manager, a practical case, a debrief of the test with the manager and meeting with the team.

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Withings, connected health

You said Withings?Withing is a French manufacturer of connected health objects (weighing scales, watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep recorders). Founded in June 2006, the company was acquired by Nokia Technologies in 2016. Two years later, one of the co-founders, Eric Carreel, bought the company again and decided to accelerate with a fundraising of 53 million euros. euros in 2020.

DNA: Team spirit is a strong value of the company.

Health : Withings plans to invest between 30-35 million euros over the next three years to develop the brick of service offerings. This year the company announced the acquisition of two companies: Impeto and 8Fit. It has international collaborators (Paris, Boston, Berlin, Hong Kong & Shenzhen).

Number of employees : 365

Positions to be filled (internships included): a hundred in 2022

Types of profiles sought: Marketing, Web development, mobile, Data Science, Product Management, quality, embedded engineering, customer operations, finance & legal, sales, research, regulatory affairs, etc.

Recruitment process : a confirmation call, an interview with the N+1, an HR interview, a technical case/test study and a meeting with the team.

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To note

*France Digitale is an association created in 2012, made up of 2,000 digital members (entrepreneurs and investors), and promotes the development of start-ups in France and abroad.

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HealthTech: here are 7 healthcare start-ups that are recruiting

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