Nearly 50,000 Queenslanders Fined Over Secret Mobile Phones, Seatbelt Cameras, Raising $40M in Four Months

Queensland’s secret road cameras have led to nearly 50,000 fines being imposed on motorists caught using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt in the past four months.

From November last year to the end of February, a total of 47,668 fines were issued across Queensland due to the cameras, which use artificial intelligence software to filter footage and detect if an offense has been committed.

It included 33,805 fines for illegal use of a mobile phone and 13,875 fines for a driver or front passenger not wearing their seatbelt.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the figures were shocking and he was particularly concerned about the number of seat-belt breaches.

“To think that seat belts have been mandatory for 50 years and nearly 14,000 people have been caught doing the wrong thing in just four months is outrageous.”

Brisbane drivers racked up the most fines in the state with 23,663, followed by the Gold Coast with 17,128 fines and Cairns with 2,177 offenses issued.

Approximately $40.6 million in revenue for the Department of Transportation and Major Highways was generated from the 47,668 issues in the first four months of continuous camera use.

About $34.9 million came from cell phone fines, while $5.7 million came from seat belt violations.

Cell phone violations carry a $1,033 fine and four demerit points, while seat belt fines carry a $413 fine and three demerit points for each detected vehicle occupant not wearing their vehicle. seatbelt.

The last state budget projected revenue from fines and forfeitures to increase 39.3% in 2021-22 to $595 million, in part due to the introduction of the new cameras.

The government also plans to introduce more cameras over time.

All camera fines are reinvested in road safety and education initiatives.

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Nearly 50,000 Queenslanders Fined Over Secret Mobile Phones, Seatbelt Cameras, Raising $40M in Four Months

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